Mar 3, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward (20) tries to get around Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Knight (11) in the 3rd quarter at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward Is Worth The Money

I know a lot of fans are worried that Gordon Hayward might be the next Andrei Kirilenko for the Jazz.  He’s not.  When Hayward gets paid, and he will get paid, he will be worth every penny of his contract.

Why is he any different than Andrei Kirilenko?

Oh where do I begin?!  Do I start with the fact that he’s not injury prone like AK47 or do I just skip ahead to where he’s a work horse and does everything he can to get better every day and especially in the off season.  I can add that AK never had a season averaging 16, 5 and 5.  Yes he had games where he almost had 5 in all 5 major statistical categories.  Yes true, but he never got close to averaging that.  AK was a very good player don’t get me wrong, but he wasn’t worth the $86 million dollar contract.

If Hayward signs a max it will be for 4 years if he signs another teams offer sheet that the Jazz WILL match or 5 years if he signs with the Jazz from the get go.  The Jazz have money to spend and in his 4th year of the new contract it might make things hard on the Jazz, but most likely not.  These reason why paying him a max (or close to it) won’t even matter is due to the increase of the salary cap over the next years.  Will it affect the Jazz from not bringing in Lebron James or another athlete that requires 18+ million a year?  Maybe, but if a superstar did want to come to Utah, the Jazz will most likely be in a situation to do a sign and trade to make the money work.  That’s IF a superstar wants to come to Utah, which isn’t happening anytime soon.

To those worried that the Jazz won’t be able to retain Burks and Kanter, don’t be.  They are easily retainable if the Jazz want them for the future.

If it’s Trey you are worried about, don’t be.  He won’t be getting max money anytime soon and the Jazz will be able to pay him if needs be.

If it’s Exum you are worried about, don’t be.  He will be up for a new contract the same time G Hay is.

I repeat the Jazz have the money and it will NOT affect them no matter how G Hay plays and who the Jazz want to bring in.

What’s most important though is saying he is worth the money being given:

Let me ask you Jazz fans, if a player in free agency was averaging 20, 5 and 5 would you want that player?  Better yet would you be willing to overpay the guy so that he came to Utah?  My guess is yes everyone of you would as it is difficult to get free agents to come to Salt Lake City (they are missing out).  Well the Jazz have a guy right now that is a 2013 three point percentage away from averaging those numbers and he is already in Utah and would love to stay here.

So without ranting any more I ask you Jazz fans, can you PLEASE accept Hayward as a Jazz man?  Can you all please stop twitter complaining that you know more than management and Dennis Lindsey?!  Can you please stop telling the Jazz that they are spending their money the wrong way? (That would be freaking annoying if you were all telling me how to spend my money) And lastly can we all as Jazz fans PLEASE unconditionally support our team as the fans we used to be and not as these “let’s drive every player away from here because we were spoiled with Stockton and Malone” fans.  Please just stop and give Hayward your support.

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  • Olivier Batiste

    Well, I do not know if G.Hayward deserves a maximum contract (in my mind he has to show more efficiency & regularity to have a claim to a contract like that) but I understand your arguments. The question is where is Hayward going to play on the floor next season : 25min at SF and 10min at SG or something like that?
    I’d love to see Hood getting minutes (at post 2 or 3), and Exum wil have to play too mainly at SG post I believe.
    So for the moment the team options are :
    PG : Burke, Exum, Burks, Garrett(?), JLIII, Neto(?)
    SG : Burks, Exum, Hayward, Hood, Clark(?)
    SF : Hayward, Hood, Williams(?)
    PF : Favors, Evans, Thomas(?)
    C : Kanter (injured), Favors, Gobert (I love this guy!
    It seems great to keep Gordon in SLC due to his versatility, but the Jazz will need someone in the paint (4/5) and at SF position too.

  • BumperDogg

    He’s not as good as most players who get maximum contracts, but because of the circumstances (teams have lots of money this year, and we’re the Utah Jazz), he’s probably worth it to the Jazz. I think Hayward will play a lot better (ie, more efficient) once Exum, Hood, and Burke become serious scoring threats and take the pressure off of him.

    • aussiejazzfan

      All if this is true But how is he not as good as someone like Irving ?

  • Francis Gagné

    Best situation :
    PG : Burke, Neto (i think he lose a lot with Exum been drafted)
    SG : Exum, Burks, Clark
    SF : Hayward (or SG), Hood (this is his spot)
    PF : Favor, Evans (improved a lot last season with jumper)
    C : Kanter (no more a rookie time to shine), Gobert (got some muscle offseason, time to step up)
    I seriously think Hayward, Burks and Exum could drive to the lane a lot. There’s lots of speed now.
    I Wonder if Burks could play SF and keep Hayward SG ? Sign Marvin at SF ???

    • aussiejazzfan

      Not bad mate but kanter and favors are the other way round and Neto isn’t coming this year at least and Dante plays pg and SG. And yes Jeremy certainly improved a lot last year, did you see his play against K love last game last year? He was very very good on both ends I was happily surprised

  • aussiejazzfan

    Thank you Josh Haslem. Well said well put good one etc etc etc. Exactly it’s about time the whinges and whiners move on and grow a brain. Hayward is absolutely worth keeping. I really want to say more but fear I’ll end up being edited or something. Thanks for your article Josh

    • tck62

      I must admit Hayward would be a lot easier to embrace at $10 Million a year, but signing him is not the end of the world. How about we compromise ? Go ahead and resign him but when it’s under two minutes to go in a close game can we give the ball to Alec first ?

      • aussiejazzfan

        Hahahaha ok mate I’ll make sure coach understands our terms ;-))

    • Josh Haslam

      Thanks for some people seeing my point of view. It’s refreshing. Thanks for reading!

      • aussiejazzfan

        No worries mate

  • tck62

    If they do match this offer how much do they have left to offer Marvin Williams ?

    • Cody Powers

      Here is an article we did the other day that should give somewhat of an answer to how much the Jazz can spend after Hayward would be matched.

    • Josh Haslam

      They have 6 mill just to get to the minimum and 24 mil just to get to the salary limit without hitting the luxury tax

      • aussiejazzfan

        So it’s seems they’ll be ok then. Still I’m really worried they’ll take on JKIII for rest of his contract and that would be an utter disaster. How much more, Josh, people do they need to add to have a full team?