Rodney Hood: Chip on his Shoulder

Rodney Hood was a steal at 23 and watching his highlights has gotten me even more excited for this guy to be on the Utah Jazz.

The one thing that sticks out to me most with Rodney Hood is his hunger to be better.  He’s not complacent, he works his butt off and he wants to prove doubters wrong.  Watching him fall to 23 was a blessing for the Jazz but also a blessing for Hood as the chip on his shoulder grew bigger every pick he fell.  If anyone is out there that will make the other teams that passed on him wish they didn’t, it’s Hood.

His shot is legit, his drive game is above average and same with his pick’n’roll game.  He needs to be able to gain some inches on his vertical and his first step needs to get quicker.  I think he will fix both of those things and work on the other struggles he will have.  His defense also needs some work but he has the length to make up what he lacks for now.

Dennis Lindsey has put guys the last two years on this team that are workaholics and that is great when we are talking about the future.  Both Hood and Exum are raw in a lot of areas and the patience will need to be there from fans, the coaching staff and management.  If we are patient though, these two will have a place in the NBA for as many years as their bodies can endure.

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  • Steven Jaynes

    I have to say that I wasn’t too enthused about Hood at first, there were other guys I was looking out for at 23 that didn’t materialize. However when I heard Hood post draft I did like that chip on the shoulder attitude that suggested that he felt like there was something to prove to the teams who didn’t draft him. He genuinely seems ready to prove his worth, and that had me excited.

    I have my doubts though after reading the scouting analysis that he can become one of the best lock down defenders in the league which seems to be another ambition of his. However I am convinced he’s not quite as bad a defender as he is made out to be. It seems that often he was the man in college tasked with defending the most dangerous 2 or 3 on the floor, and that will make good defenders look more ordinary than if they were defending a weaker opponent. I’m not convinced at this stage that his ambition will ever be realised but the fact that he wants to be one of the better defenders should mean that he will be able to improve that area of his game, which can only be beneficial for him and the Jazz.