Apr 9, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers center Spencer Hawes (32) dribbles the ball in front of Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe (10) in the second quarter at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NBA Free Agent List (NBA.com)

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Thought this was cool.  Courtesy of NBA.com, follow the free agent tracker here.

Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Adrien, Jeff F 28 4yrs UFA* MIL
Aldrich, Cole C 25 4yrs UFA NYK
Allen, Lavoy F-C 25 3yrs RFA IND
Allen, Ray G 38 18yrs UFA MIA Report: Ray Allen mulling retirement
Aminu, Al-Farouq F 23 4yrs UFA NOP
Andersen, Chris C 35 12yrs UFA* MIA
Anderson, Alan G 31 5yrs UFA* BKN
Anderson, James G 25 5yrs UFA PHI Sixers waive guard James Anderson
Anthony, Carmelo 30 11yrs UFA NYK Report: ‘Melo to opt out, become free agent | Fisher, Jackson hopeful ‘Melo will stay in N.Y.
Anthony, Joel F 31 7yrs UFA* BOS
Ariza, Trevor F 28 10yrs UFA WAS
Arthur, Darrell F 26 5yrs UFA* DEN DEN 1 Arthur exercises player option
Augustin, D.J. G 26 6yrs UFA CHI
Ayon, Gustavo F 29 3yrs RFA ATL
Barbosa, Leandro G 31 11yrs UFA PHX
Bargnani, Andrea F 28 8yrs UFA*** NYK
Battier, Shane F 35 13yrs UFA MIA Battier heads to retirement with no regrets
Bayless, Jerryd G 25 6yrs UFA BOS
Baynes, Aron F 27 2yrs RFA SAS
Bazemore, Kent G 24 2yrs RFA LAL Bazemore a fit for Heat? | Lakers don’t give Bazemore qualifying offer
Beasley, Michael F 25 6yrs UFA MIA
Billups, Chauncey G 37 17yrs UFA** DET
Blair, DeJuan F 25 5yrs UFA DAL
Blake, Steve G 34 11yrs UFA GSW Blake’s ball-handling going to South Beach?
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Blatche, Andray F 27 9yrs UFA* BKN
Bledsoe, Eric G 24 4yrs RFA PHX Suns give guard Bledsoe qualifying offer
Bonner, Matt F 34 9yrs UFA SAS
Booker, Trevor F 26 4yrs RFA WAS
Bosh, Chris F 30 11yrs UFA MIA Bosh opts out of contract | Report: Big Three talk contract futures
Bradley, Avery G 23 3yrs RFA BOS Celtics extend Bradley qualifying offer
Brand, Elton F 35 15yrs UFA ATL
Brooks, Aaron G 29 6yrs UFA DEN
Brooks, MarShon G 25 3yrs UFA LAL
Butler, Caron F 34 12yrs UFA OKC
Butler, Rasual G 34 11yrs UFA IND
Bynum, Andrew C 26 8yrs UFA IND
Carter, Vince G 37 16yrs UFA DAL
Chalmers, Mario G 27 6yrs UFA MIA
Collins, Jason C 35 13yrs UFA BKN
Collison, Darren G 26 5yrs UFA* LAC
Crawford, Jordan G 25 4yrs RFA GSW
Crowder, Jae F 23 2yrs RFA** DAL
Cunningham, Dante F 27 5yrs UFA MIN
Cunningham, Jared G 22 2yrs UFA SAC
Daniels , Troy G 22 1yrs RFA** HOU
Davis, Ed F 24 4yrs RFA MEM
Davis, Glen C 28 7yrs UFA* LAC
De Colo, Nando G 26 2yrs RFA TOR De Colo gets qualifying offer from Toronto
Deng, Luol F 29 10yrs UFA CLE
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Diaw, Boris F 32 11yrs UFA SAS Diaw hasn’t thought about future yet
Douglas, Toney G 28 5yrs UFA MIA
Douglas-Roberts, Chris G 27 5yrs UFA CHA
Duncan, Tim F 38 17yrs UFA* SAS SAS Duncan exercises option, will return to Spurs
Farmar, Jordan G 27 7yrs UFA LAL
Fisher, Derek G 39 18yrs UFA OKC Knicks hire Derek Fisher as head coach | Fisher’s NYK news conference
Fredette, Jimmer G 25 3yrs UFA CHI
Frye, Channing C 30 8yrs UFA* PHX Frye opts out of deal with Suns
Garcia, Francisco G 32 9yrs UFA* HOU
Gasol, Pau C 33 13yrs UFA LAL Report: Mavs interested in Gasol | Report: Knicks will target Gasol
Gay, Rudy F 27 8yrs UFA* SAC Report: Gay opts in with Kings
Gooden, Drew F 32 12yrs UFA WAS
Gordon, Ben G 31 9yrs UFA CHA
Gortat, Marcin C 30 7yrs UFA WAS Report: Mavs may make push for Gortat
Granger, Danny F 31 9yrs UFA* LAC
Gray, Aaron C 29 7yrs UFA SAC
Green, Willie G 32 11yrs UFA LAC Clips waive veteran guard Green
Hamilton, Jordan F 23 3yrs UFA HOU
Harrington, Al F 34 16yrs UFA WAS
Harris, Devin G 31 10yrs UFA DAL
Haslem, Udonis F 33 11yrs UFA MIA Haslem opts out of final year of contract
Hawes, Spencer C 26 7yrs UFA CLE
Hayward, Gordon 24 4yrs RFA UTA Report: Jazz plan to match Hayward’s offers | Jazz give Hayward qualifying offer
Henry, Xavier F-G 23 4yrs UFA LAL
Hill, Jordan F-C 26 5yrs UFA LAL
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Hinrich, Kirk G 33 11yrs UFA CHI
Hollins, Ryan C 29 8yrs UFA LAC
Hummel, Robbie F 25 1yrs UFA MIN Hummel not extended qualifying offer, becomes unrestricted free agent.
Humphries, Kris F 29 10yrs UFA BOS
James, Bernard C 29 2yrs RFA DAL
James, Damion F 26 4yrs UFA SAS
James, LeBron F 29 11yrs UFA MIA Reports: LeBron opts out of deal | Report: Suns to make push for LeBron
Jeffers, Othyus F-G 28 3yrs UFA MIN Jeffers not extended qualifying offer, becomes unrestricted free agent.
Jefferson, Richard F 33 13yrs UFA UTA
Jerebko, Jonas F 27 4yrs UFA* DET Jerebko eager for fresh start in Detroit
Jerrett, Grant F 21 1yrs RFA** OKC
Johnson, James F 27 5yrs UFA MEM
Johnson, Wesley F-G 26 4yrs UFA LAL
Jones, James F 33 11yrs UFA MIA
Kaman, Chris C 32 11yrs UFA LAL
Kelly, Ryan F 23 1yrs RFA LAL
Kirilenko, Andrei F 33 12yrs UFA* BKN BKN Kirilenko returning to Nets for 2014-15
Lamb, Doron G 22 2yrs UFA ORL Lamb waived by Magic the day before free agency begins
Lewis, Rashard F 34 16yrs UFA MIA
Livingston, Shaun G 28 9yrs UFA BKN
Lowry, Kyle G 28 8yrs UFA TOR
Mack, Shelvin G 25 3yrs RFA ATL
Marion, Shawn F 35 15yrs UFA DAL Should Heat place a call to Marion?
Martin, Cartier F 29 6yrs UFA ATL
Martin, Kenyon F 36 14yrs UFA NYK
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
McRoberts, Josh F 27 7yrs UFA* CHA McRoberts opts out of contract
Meeks, Jodie G 26 5yrs UFA LAL
Miles, C.J. G 27 9yrs UFA CLE
Miller, Darius F 24 2yrs RFA NOP
Miller, Mike F 34 14yrs UFA MEM
Mills, Patty G 25 5yrs UFA SAS Will Mills be back with the champs?
Mohammed, Nazr C 36 16yrs UFA CHI
Monroe, Greg C 23 4yrs RFA DET
Moore, E’Twaun G 25 3yrs RFA ORL
Morrow, Anthony G 28 6yrs UFA* NOP
Mullens, Byron C 25 5yrs UFA* PHI
Murry, Toure G 24 1yrs UFA NYK
Nelson, Jameer G 32 10yrs UFA ORL Magic waive team’s all-time assist leader Nelson
Nowitzki, Dirk F 35 16yrs UFA DAL Dirk: Cuban knows I don’t want to leave Mavs
O’Neal, Jermaine F 35 18yrs UFA GSW
Oden, Greg C 26 3yrs UFA MIA
Okafor, Emeka C 31 10yrs UFA PHX
Pargo, Jannero G 34 10yrs UFA CHA
Parsons, Chandler F 25 3yrs RFA** HOU Parsons wants to stay with Rockets
Patterson, Patrick F 25 4yrs RFA TOR Raptors give qualifying offer to Patterson
Pierce, Paul F 36 16yrs UFA BKN
Randolph, Zach C 32 13yrs UFA* MEM Report: Grizz, Z-Bo agree to extension
Richardson, Jason G 33 13yrs UFA* PHI
Ridnour, Luke G 33 11yrs UFA CHA
Roberts, Brian G 28 2yrs RFA NOP
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Robinson, Nate G 29 9yrs UFA* DEN DEN 1 Robinson exercises player option
Rush, Brandon G 28 6yrs UFA UTA
Scott, Mike F 25 2yrs RFA ATL
Sefolosha, Thabo G 30 8yrs UFA OKC
Seraphin, Kevin C 24 4yrs RFA WAS
Sessions, Ramon G 28 7yrs UFA MIL
Singleton, Chris F 24 3yrs UFA WAS
Smith, Jason C 28 6yrs UFA NOP
Southerland, James F 24 1yrs RFA NOP
Stephenson, Lance G 23 4yrs UFA IND
Stoudemire, Amar’e C 31 12yrs UFA*** NYK
Stuckey, Rodney G 28 7yrs UFA DET
Temple, Garrett G 27 4yrs UFA WAS
Thomas, Adonis F 21 1yrs RFA PHI
Thomas, Isaiah G 25 3yrs RFA SAC Thomas looking forward to future | Thomas gets qualifying offer from Kings
Tolliver, Anthony F 28 6yrs UFA CHA
Tucker, PJ F 28 3yrs RFA PHX Defensive stopper Tucker gets qualifying offer
Turkoglu, Hedo F 35 14yrs UFA LAC
Turner, Evan G 25 4yrs RFA IND
Udoh, Ekpe C 26 4yrs RFA MIL
Udrih, Beno G 31 10yrs UFA MEM
Vasquez, Greivis G 27 4yrs RFA TOR Raptors give Vasquez qualifying offer
Vesely, Jan F 24 3yrs UFA DEN
Villanueva, Charlie F 29 9yrs UFA DET
Wade, Dwyane G 32 11yrs UFA MIA Wade opts out of final two years of deal | Report: Big Three talk contract futures
Player Pos Age Exp Type Old Team New Team Contract More
Watson, Earl G 34 13yrs UFA POR
White, DJ F 27 6yrs UFA CHA
Williams, Marvin F 27 9yrs UFA UTA
Williams, Mo G 31 11yrs UFA* POR
World Peace, Metta F 34 15yrs UFA NYK World Peace waiting, coaching kids
Young, Nick G 28 7yrs UFA* LAL Young would take pay cut to stay in L.A. | Nick Young opts out of contract with Lakers

Updated June 30, 2014

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