Jan 3, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward (20) dives the ball against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz: What do they do with Gordon Hayward?

The draft came and the Utah Jazz did the absolute best they could.  They didn’t lose any of their current players to move up and they got two guys that really they should’ve had to move up for.  The outcome is the Jazz gaining two players that can play the wing positions.  What does this mean for the Jazz resigning Gordon Hayward?  Nothing.

Dennis Lindsey has said that he believes Hayward will be a Jazz man for a long time.  That to me means that the Jazz will most likely match just about any offer from an opposing team.  And the Jazz should match any offer, as they have money and cap room.  Hayward is a player that every great team needs as he does just about everything.  He can score (hopefully he gets his touch back this year), he can drive, he can pass and his defense is underrated in my opinion.

Even though G Time didn’t do what every fan wanted as a number one option, I still think he has the potential to get there.  He’ a great number three option (like Manu Ginobli), a good second option and has a long way to go to be a number one option.  Alongside Exum and Alec will take some of the pressure off that he had this past year.  I still expect Hayward to be the main focus on the Jazz until Exum gains some experience but Alec and Trey and even Enes will help with the load.

Gordon is the perfect guy on the Jazz and fans should rejoice that Dennis plans on signing him long term.  I for one see Hayward as an integral part to an elite team in the future, and I am ecstatic that will be with the Utah Jazz.

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  • tck62

    Gordon is a really good player, but is he $13 Million a year good to play the wing ? If you can get him for 5 years at $35 to $45 Million I think you keep him, if he’s going to get $13 Million a year as a free agent I think you try and do a sign and trade for Greg Monroe and resign Marvin Williams.

    Consider this roster Favers, Monroe, Williams, Burke and Burks as starters, Exum, Kanter, Gobert, Evans, Hood and Neto anchoring the bench. If they buy into Quinn Snyder this lineup has a chance to have a year like the Suns did last year.

    • Josh Haslam

      My honest opinion is Hayward is worth 10 a year but even at 13 a year for 3 years it won’t bind the Jazz. I think when you see Hayward in Quin’s system and with another off-season under his belt you will be okay with how much he will make.

  • Josh Hochman

    The Jazz will have to overpay for Hayward, and it’s going to hurt to look at. But, realistically, the Jazz aren’t going to need the money to pay anyone else for a few years. He earned a good look, and it couldn’t hurt his trade value. Front load a deal.