Apr 16, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke (3) dribbles in the fourth quarter past Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio (9) at Target Center. The Utah Jazz win 136-130 in double overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

A quick look at the Utah Jazz roster

There has been some talk among fans on what the Utah Jazz could possibly do with their rotation next season. With the NBA Draft complete, and we know which players are now on the team, lets take a quick look at what the roster currently looks like.

PG – Trey Burke, John Lucas III, Diante Garrett (option)

SG – Alec Burks, Dante Exum, Ian Clark (option)

SF – Gordon Hayward*, Rodney Hood

PF – Derrick Favors, Jeremy Evans, Malcolm Thomas (option), Erik Murphy (option)

C – Enes Kanter, Rudy Gobert

*Hayward is a restricted free agent

Currently looking at what the Jazz have, to me, there is a pretty good chance that the Jazz won’t pick up the option on bringing back Thomas, Murphy, or Clark. Due to the way he played last season, there could be a chance that we see Garrett for at least another season.

If the Jazz do decide, however, to not bring back any of the four, that would give the Jazz ten players on the roster. Only nine, however, if you don’t count Hayward due to him being a restricted free agent.

The Jazz are going to need to find some veterans in free agency. They need to look at some point guard help, mainly a guy who can come in and mentor Trey and even Dante. They also need a big man that can stretch the floor, possibly their biggest need in free agency.

The Jazz have said that they see Favors as a center. To me, the Jazz need to keep Favors as the starting center and bring Kanter as the first big off the bench. At the power forward position, they need to look at someone who shoots well from beyond the arc. Even though he is an unrestricted free agent, I could see the Jazz looking at bringing back Marvin Williams.

Free agency begins on July 1st, and we will have more information on players that could fit with the Utah Jazz.

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  • fastfox1306

    I disagree with Kanter….the jazz NEED to find out if Kanter and Favors can work in Snyder’s system. If not, then you move Kanter and try to bring back someone who works with Favors. jazz starters should (finally) look like this:


    Exum & Hood should be the first guys off the bench. Both of them can score, so having Burks as that instant offense isn’t necessary anymore.

    • tck62

      I think the Jazz should do a sign and trade with Hayward and Greg Monroe, keeping Hayward at $12 to $13 Million a year is just too much for a wing player. Resign Marvin Williams, this would leave the Jazz with a starting 5 of Favors, Monroe, Williams, Burke, and Burks with Exum, Hood, Kanter, Gobert, Evans and Neto anchoring the bench. I think this team could compete.

      • CBake7

        I would love it if the Jazz could figure a S&T for Monroe. It would be nice if they could do it and then sign Chandler Parsons while figuring out a way to lose Lucas III.
        PG Burke, Exum, Lucas 3
        SG Burks, Exum
        SF Parsons, Hood
        PF Monroe, Novak, Evans
        C Favors, Kanter, Gobert

  • Steven Jaynes

    I think its time to say good bye to John Lucas III, we need to build a roster that has the tools and expectation to win. I am not expecting miracle improvement this season, but the time for building assets needs to end, its time to enforce a sea change in expectations going forward. Diante Garrett is never going to be a great player but at the very least he was an upgrade over Tinsley and JL III so why not keep him as the backup.

    Marvin Williams is a good second unit player, he enjoys working with the squad, and when he was made available along with Burke last year the fortunes of the team changed. He’s no world beater, but he’s willing to do the little things that make a difference. His experience and maturity is needed on this young side.

    The Jazz also need a player that is willing to put his body on the line game after game, that has played in a system that expects to win no matter the circumstances of the squad at the time, going after someone like Luol Deng I think would be hugely beneficial for this Jazz team. The Jazz have money to spend on Hayward and one other player, why not go after someone such as Deng who has played a big role in Chicago where the circumstances haven’t always been great but been able to get results in trying circumstances for a team that plays tough defense and by playing hard every night. Going forward the Jazz will need to learn to play hard, and bring tough defense to the game night after night. Bringing in someone like Deng can only be beneficial to this Jazz team, he’s going to command respect, and he’s going to bring it.