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2014 NBA Draft: Utah Jazz Trade Proposal

Rumors, rumors, rumors and more rumors!  Well the draft is  less than 3 hours away and we will all know what was real and what had little steam or was completely false.  The latest rumor has the Jazz in strong consideration for Marcus Smart.  If this is true would the Jazz keep Trey Burke or would he be out the door?  I think Smart can play the 2 position with his 6′ 9 1/2″ wingspanand so it’s not a necessity but could create some interesting scenarios.

The trade would require the Jazz talking to Orlando to get a scenario intact.  The trade:

Utah Jazz receive: 12th pick

Orlando Magic receive: Trey Burke and the 23rd pick.

The Magic could draft Vonleh, Randle or Gordon and still get their point guard in Trey along with an extra piece at 23.  The Jazz on the other hand could get Smart, an upgrade from Trey and at 12 could take who they wanted (preferably Stauskas if he falls to 12), but could as easily be Adreien Payne or James Young.

This draft is getting crazy and I thought I’d throw one more option into the fire before we know the truth.

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  • Scott

    So to summarize this trade-the Jazz traded #14 & #21 last year for Burke (#9) and this year they’re sending Burke and #23 for #12? In essence the totality of this trade is last years #9,#14,#21 and this years #23 for a #12 this year? Is there a more inept management than the buffoons running the Jazz? Instead of trying to make a splash and look like geniuses build with what you have and add best talent available! The only reason this trade is made is that Burke’s not the player they thought he was when they traded for him which would be another indictment of their inadequate judgement of talent. Any guarantee Smart won’t go in the stands if he’s heckled again?

    • Josh Haslam

      haha well said Scott. Love it!

    • Josh Haslam

      Also just wanted to say that last years entire draft was a joke and the Jazz got one of maybe 5 players with a future in the NBA