NBA Draft: Final Mock Draft (With Trades)

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The NBA Draft has a lot of rumors and speculation regarding who is going where and if a team will trade their pick or keep it. With the big night for the hopeful prospects coming up tomorrow night, and considering all the rumors that are floating out there, it is time to come up with my final Mock Draft.

Currently, the draft order has the Cleveland Cavaliers selecting first, followed by the Milwaukee Bucks with the second pick. Those two picks, whether it is Cleveland and Milwaukee, or some other team, the choices seem to be Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker.

At three, the Philadelphia 76ers will have some options, but are looking to trade up, as are the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz at four and five.

Considering all the rumors that are coming out, here is how I see it playing out on draft night. Check the slide show to see the results.

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