Mar 23, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; Arizona Wildcats forward Aaron Gordon (right) pulls down a rebound against Gonzaga Bulldogs guard/forward Drew Barham (43) and guard David Stockton in the first half of a men

2014 NBA Draft: What Level Will These Draftees Achieve?

What a hyped draft!  I am mixed between wanting this to keep dragging out or for the draft to finally arrive.  After reviewing these players and visualizing what I think they will be able to do in the NBA with the right coaches and situation.  I decided to place them into groups with current players to see what we could and should expect.  Obviously this is just my opinion so don’t crucify me for my thoughts on the matter.


Current Players: Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan

2014 Draft: No players


Current Players: Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, Steph Curry, James Harden, Dwight Howard, Paul George, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce

2014 Draft: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid (if healthy), Dante Exum, Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart


Current Players: Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Deron Williams, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joe Johnson, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, Andrei Kirilenko

2014 Draft: Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh, Dario Saric, James Young, Kyle Anderson, Cleanthony Early


Again this is just from my own homework.  Scouts have seen a lot more of these players and know more to look for.  However they are also the ones that said James Harden wouldn’t be any good in the NBA and that Josh Howard was the next big thing so take it as you will.  Fun to speculate.



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  • tck62

    The more I look at the Jazz’s options and just how much it would take to move up to #1, the more it looks as if rolling the dice on Embid is the move to make, if you gamble and win you’ve hit a homerun, if you gamble and lose our young core is still intact with a new coach and a year to develop, trading for Wiggins or Parker is still a “gamble” however if you gamble and lose with either Wiggins or Parker either turning into a flake or not reaching their potential you lose ALL your chips. The risk reward just isn’t there,

    I read the Magic offered #4, #12 and Afflalo to move up, how can the Jazz even come close to that offer ?

    • Josh Haslam

      I didn’t know 12 was included? Depends how high they are on Derrick Favors.. But yeah the Embiid thing makes sense

      • tck62

        That’s what the guys on the Magic site here are reporting. If the Magic are trying that hard to move up could the Jazz get Afflalo for the #23 pick ? They have the cap room and the need ?

        • Josh Haslam

          Looks like they probably could have… too bad

          • tck62

            It’s a shame he would have fit in perfectly with the Jazz.