Mar 21, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Frank Mason (0) save s the ball to Andrew Wiggins (22) in the first half against the Eastern Kentucky Colonels during the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

Utah Jazz Rumors: Getting the 1st Pick?

Well Cleveland has decided that they like the Utah Jazz offer that would send Derrick Favors, the 5th pick and either a future first round unprotected or Alec Burks for the 1st pick and Jarret Jack.  Cleveland wants a young big and Favors fits that.  5 other teams offered Cleveland for the first pick but they turned them down and let the Jazz know they are one of two teams.

The only problem is the Cavs also like the deal from the Sixers and are deciding between the two deals.  I will update this as soon as I know more, but as of right now just know that the Jazz are in very serious contention for the 1st pick.

Dennis Lindsey is no stranger to getting the guy he wants in the draft and this is no different.  Dennis traded up for Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio and also traded up last year for Trey Burke, Rudy Gobert and also Raul Neto.  If this deal goes down the first 4 picks for the Jazz in his era will have been the guy he trades for.

What a crazy week ahead of us and we will only hear more here in the near future as more details come out.  The Jazz are doing something and the smoke is getting stronger.

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  • fastfox1306

    Don’t want to lose Favors, however for a chance at Wiggins or Parker, I think i pull the trigger. If there was some way they could swing Kanter instead I’d be a very happy man. These next few days are going to be crazy!

    • IDJazzman

      I don’t think anybody wants Kanter now. Two problems, his knee and he is a restricted free agent next year. I would say do it, if they can get Wiggins. I like Favors, especially his commitment to the Jazz and just the kind of man that everyone likes, but his offensive game has not materialized. I especially don’t want to lose Burks because I think he could be an impact player in a couple of years. If the Jazz want to be more than average they absolutely must get a couple of players that are well above average. A player that will be a super star. There are now only two in this draft that fits that billing, Parker or Wiggins. I’m now with you, pull the trigger and get Wiggins..

  • Scott

    This is a bad move if it includes Favors, especially with Kanter hurt. If it had to include Favors I would only give up #5 and Favors for #1 or give Kanter, #5 and a future first rounder. Personally I stay at #5 and take Embiid building a front court with Embiid, Favors and Kanter.

    • Josh Haslam

      Here’s my problem with the trade… I like Aaron Gordon almost as much as Wiggins. If they end up even remotely close at the end of their careers then the Jazz will have made a horrible trade. Embiid is too high of a risk now I think

      • Scott

        I liken this trade scenario to the one the 76ers made last year when they fleeced the Pelicans in the Jure Holliday deal. They acquired an injured Noel and the Pelicans first rounder (#10) this year for a point guard in Holliday that was an allstar on a team devoid of talent giving him the opportunity to put up stats and garner an allstar berth. They gave Noel the year to rehab and now have 2 picks in the top 10 of this years draft. True, it came at the expense of a lost year but the Jazz have a lot more talent than the 76ers and Embiid is a difference maker providing he can stay healthy which is the 64K dollar question. Personally I’d stay put and take what comes at #5 versus giving up core players and picks for one player. Jack is nothing more than an overpaid guard with a bloated contract for the next 3 years and thrown in to dump his salary.