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Complete Chad Ford/John Goodman Mock Draft

On Monday night, a lot of basketball fans were following along on Twitter, as Chad Ford and John Goodman of ESPN put together a live mock draft for fans to follow along with. If you weren’t following along, you missed some pretty cool stuff.

For those of you who missed it, below will be the complete mock draft that the two put together. The order will be different from most mock drafts, because Ford and Goodman included potential trades that they would like to see. As I said before, if you weren’t following along, you missed some pretty cool stuff, especially for the Utah Jazz.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Andrew Wiggins 

(Ford) Cavaliers take Andrew Wiggins. Not what they will do, but what they should do. Too much upside to pass.

2. Milwaukee Bucks (for Utah Jazz) – Jabari Parker

(Goodman) The Milwaukee Bucks will select Jabari Parker, who should’ve gone number one.

3. Philadelphia 76ers – Dante Exum

(Ford) The 76ers take Dante Exum & trade the rights to Michael Carter-Williams to the Los Angeles Lakers for the number seven pick.

4. Orlando Magic – Joel Embiid

(Goodman) With the number four pick in the NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic select Joel Embiid. I’m rolling the dice on his back/foot/DNA issues.

5. Utah Jazz (for Milwaukee Bucks) – Julius Randle

(Goodman) Just dealt Jabari to Utah for No. 5 and Trey Burke. Bucks need a PG and now have No. 5.

(Goodman) I am taking Julius Randle w/ No. 5 pick for Milwaukee Bucks (obtained via trade with Utah)

6. Boston Celtics – Marcus Smart

(Goodman) All my trade offers have been spurned. Boston Celtics take Marcus Smart with the No. 6 pick.

7. Los Angeles Lakers (for Philadelphia 76ers) – Noah Vonleh

(Ford) The 76ers (via Lakers) take Noah Voleh at No. 7. Feeling me now Sixers fans?

8. Sacramento Kings – Aaron Gordon

(Goodman) With No. 8 pick, the Sacramento Kings select Aaron Gordon. He and Boogie Cousins will be a dominant duo.

9. Charlotte Hornets – Nik Stauskas

(Ford) With the 9th pick the Hornets select Nik Stauskas! Let it RAIN!!!!!

10. Philadelphia 76ers (for Chicago Bulls) – Doug McDermott

(Goodman) This one is easy. Philly needs a shooter. Takes Dougie McBuckets at No. 10.

11. Denver Nuggets – Zach LaVine

(Ford) The Nuggets select Zach LaVine at No. 11. UPPPPPSIIIIIIIDE!

12. Orlando Magic – Elfrid Payton

(Goodman) With No. 12 pick, Orlando Magic (took Embiid at 4) select Elfrid Payton. Best Rajin Cajun since Andrew Toney.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves – Gary Harris

(Ford) With the 13th pick David Kahn selects Aaron Craft! “We need another point guard. He’s the best passer since Darko.” Wait, David Kahn isn’t there anymore. The Timberwolves select Gary Harris at 13!

14. Phoenix Suns – Rodney Hood

(Goodman) With the No. 14 pick, Phoenix selects Rodney Hood- even though GM Ryan McDonough went to UNC.

15. Atlanta Hawks – James Young

(Ford) The Hawks select James Young at No. 15. This is who Phx should’ve taken at 14. All 6 Hawks fans thank you @GoodmanESPN

16. Chicago Bulls (for Philadelphia 76ers) – Dario Saric

(Goodman) Just dealt Chicago’s No. 16 and 19 to Philly for Doug McDermott. Switch that cap, @dougmcd3 .

(Ford) The 76ers take Dario Saric with the No. 16 pick. We will be patient. Top 10 talent!

17. Boston Celtics – Kyle Anderson

(Ford) With the 17th pick the Celtics select Kyle Anderson. Highest basketball IQ in draft!

18. Phoenix Suns – Adreian Payne

(Goodman) With the No. 18 pick, the Phoenix Suns select Adreian Payne.

19. Chicago Bulls (for Philadelphia 76ers) – TJ Warren

(Ford) With the 19th pick the 76ers (via Bulls) take … TJ Warren! 2nd best pure scorer in the draft.

20. Toronto Raptors – Shabazz Napier

(Goodman) They are gonna hate me in Canada, but w/No. 20 pick Toronto Raptors select Shabazz Napier over Tyler Ennis.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder – PJ Hairston

(Ford) with the 21st pick the Thunder select PJ Hairston! They could use the shooting in the backcourt

22. Memphis Grizzlies – Cleanthony Early

(Goodman) Memphis GM Chris Wallace takes Kedric Brown … Just kidding. Grizzlies select Cleanthony Early at No. 22.

23. Utah Jazz – Tyler Ennis

(Ford) @ScottieStats and I are taking Tyler Ennis with the 23rd pick to Utah. Upgrade to Burke in my opinion.

24. Charlotte Hornets – Jusuf Nurkic

(Goodman) With No. 24 pick, Charlotte (got Stauskas at 9) take Jusuf Nurkic. Better late than never.

25. Houston Rockets (for Philadelphia 76ers) – Damien Inglis

(Ford) Breaking (fake) News: The Rockets trade Omer Asik & No. 25 to Sixers for Thad Young.

(Ford) The Sixers take Damien Inglis with the 25th pick.

26. Miami Heat – Jordan Clarkson

(Goodman) The Miami Heat are ecstatic and grab Jordan Clarkson at No. 26 in the steal of the draft.

27. Phoenix Suns – Clint Capela

(Ford) The Phoenix Suns select Clint Capela. Run on international guys.

28. Los Angeles Clippers – Glenn Robinson III

(Goodman) The Los Angeles Clippers select Glenn Robinson III with the No. 28 pick.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder – KJ McDaniels

(Ford) The Thunder select KJ McDaniels at No. 29. Crazy athlete. Steal here.

30. San Antonio Spurs – Mitch McGary

(Goodman) With the 30th and final pick of the first round, the San Antonio Spurs select Mitch McGary.

It was interesting to watch this unfold. Even though it was a fake mock draft, the trades made things interesting, and for the Utah Jazz, this mock draft actually made the future look extremely bright. If Utah was able to pull of that trade and land Parker, as well as Ennis late in the first round, they will get an A+ on their draft card.

It will be interesting to see how the real draft unfolds. Hopefully it will go somewhat similar to what Ford and Goodman gave us tonight. The best part of this, we only have a couple more days to wait until the big night is here.

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