Feb 15, 2014; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) pulls down a rebound against the Maryland Terrapins at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford's draft day trade for the Utah Jazz

There is already talk that the Utah Jazz have a trade in the works with the Cleveland Cavaliers to try and acquire the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday night. However, Chad Ford of ESPN, dished out another possible trade that the Jazz could try and pull off to bring a potential star to Utah.

In his live mock draft with John Goodman of ESPN, Ford selected Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick for the Cavaliers. Goodman went next and selected Jabari Parker to the Milwaukee Bucks. When it was time for the Jazz to pick, Ford offered the Bucks, not the Cavaliers, a trade for Parker. In the trade, Ford offers Trey Burke and the fifth pick (which turned in to Julius Randle), to the Bucks for Parker. Goodman accepted the offer and Parker was on his way to Utah.

Thinking of this trade, it seems to be good on both sides. Utah would get a guy who could potentially be a franchise changing player, while the Bucks get their point guard, as well as a powerful big man in the post. It also allows the Jazz to keep the majority of their core together. They would not have to give up Derrick Favors or Alec Burks, like they would potentially have to do in the Cleveland deal. They could potentially have Burks, Gordon Hayward, Parker, and Favors in a starting lineup next season, while bringing Enes Kanter off the bench.

For those concerned about making this deal because of how much they believe in Burke at the point guard position, this might be a trade that would help the Jazz more long term. There will be point guards available on the free agent market that the Jazz could attempt to go after. Guys like Eric Bledsoe (restricted) and Darren Collison (unrestricted) could be gone after hard to try and help out with the point guard position. If the Jazz could do that, they could see a starting lineup next season that looks like the following:

PG – Eric Bledsoe/Darren Collison

SG – Alec Burks/Gordon Hayward

SF – Gordon Hayward/Jabari Parker

PF – Jabari Parker/Derrick Favors

C – Derrick Favors/Enes Kanter

To me, that lineup is a much better team than what the Jazz could do if they made a trade with the Cavaliers and got rid of Favors and Burks. I may be alone, but I would more than likely pull the trigger on this deal a lot faster than I would the Cleveland deal.

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  • IDJazzman

    Well, I like this idea a lot and it would be a miracle if they did it. The Jazz could also take one of the Buck’s bad contracts they currently have, also in the deal to make it more enticing. This could possibly happen. I don’t think there is anyway the Jazz will get Bledsoe from the Suns, but what they could do is trade up again with their picks #35, #23 and maybe a future 1st rounder to another team to try and grab Smart or Payton for a PG in this draft. This could really make a competitive team!

  • Jazzbo

    To me it would actually be a relief if the Jazz were to fall completely out of these pre-draft trade talks. It sounds like Cleveland just wants too much. The Jazz would be foolish IMO to trade Favors, Burkes, #5 and #23 for the first pick in this draft assuming that will be Parker or Wiggins. I’d much prefer to stand pat with our players and picks and take a chance on an Embid, Randle, Vonleh or Exum.
    Regarding the above article, if Cleveland wants the ranch, why do we assume that the Bucks would settle for a mediocre second year point guard and the #5 pick? I like the idea though and would be all for it even if It meant throwing in the #23 pick.