Mar 29, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; Arizona Wildcats forward Aaron Gordon (11) high-fives teammates during player introductions before the finals of the west regional of the 2014 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship tournament against the Wisconsin Badgers at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz Will Draft Aaron Gordon at 5

We’ve heard rumor upon rumor over the last month on whom the Utah Jazz like, love and don’t like.  We’ve heard of the Jazz trading up, down and out and when it’s all said and done none of that will happen at pick 5.

What has Dennis Lindsey said many times over the course of the process?  He wants defense and he loves guys that pass the ball.  Well guess what Jazz fans the answer of who the Jazz are drafting has been staring us in the eye socket the entire time.  The answer?  Aaron Gordon out of Arizona.

If the Jazz cannot trade up I believe 100% that the Jazz draft Aaron Gordon unless Dante Exum falls.  I know the title of this article is deceiving because it states what the Jazz will do and not just an opinion.  However, if you look at the evidence you have to admit I have an appealing case.

A lineup of Trey, G Hay, Aaron, Kanter and D Fav along with whatever vets the Jazz get is an upgrade and is a very athletic group.  I know many Jazz fans have their own opinion on who the Jazz should draft and will be unhappy no matter what, but I trust Dennis Lindsey and if Gordon’s his guy then Jazz will get him.

Over the past few weeks I’ve narrowed the pick down to Vonleh and Gordon at 5.  I don’t think the Jazz go Smart and Walt Perrin said Randle had a very good workout with the Jazz which tells me right there the Jazz aren’t drafting him.  Vonleh is raw and the Jazz already have Kanter and Gobert they are working with in that regard.  Aaron Gordon is way ahead of that in my opinion.  Yes, his shooting needs work and if he had that he would be up there with Wiggins and Parker.  What does that mean?  Yes he has the potential to be as good or better than one or both of the two guys that every Jazz fan is crying for.  Can the Jazz teach him to shoot?  That is the question, but for now Gordon at 5 could be the steal of the draft.

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  • Steven Jaynes

    Whereas I would be happy if the Jazz moved up to top of the draft and managed to grab Wiggins or Parker, I would be severely disappointed if it meant giving up on the 5th pick and missing out on Aaron Gordon, I think Wiggins and Parker will be nice players, I’m just not sure Wiggins has the mentality to make the most of his talent and athleticism, I would like to have seen him stay one more year in college to see if he had it in him to put a team on his back, I would like to see if he could live up the hype. I like Parker, but i’m not sure his ceiling is as high as Wiggins (if he proves to have the mental aptitude) or have the ceiling of a fit and healthy Embiid, Gordon though is someone who really excites me, his athleticism, his defense, his versatility, his basketball IQ, the way he fits with the players we have all suggest to me he could be the steal of this draft if he works on his shot, and I think he does have the right sort of attitude to work on that element of his game. If the Jazz were to grab Gordon at the 5 I will be very excited for the next few seasons If the Jazz somehow keep the 5th pick and find a way to move up and pick the 1st or 2nd pick the Jazz get the draft of a lifetime. I just wouldn’t make that jump if it means we give on drafting Gordon.

  • N-NBA

    Do you not remember how horrible the jazz offense was last year when burkes wasn’t on the court. Adding Gordon to that line up would be catastrophic; they’d probably average 80 points a game. As good as each of those guys are individually, they are horrible at scoring. Look at last years stats with those 4 guys on the court. If you haven’t already noticed; Gordon isn’t an offensive threat right now. To your point, his defense is great and all the other guys (minus kanter) have huge upside on defense and this team can be the number 1 team in the nba on defense but they have serious issues on offense and Gordon isn’t the answer.

    • Josh Haslam

      The only thing that helps is he’s a great passer which along with Trey and Hayward the base is set. If we can get the players to pass like the Spurs scoring will open up along with the faster pace of what Quin Snyder will have us play in. That’s the other reason I think Kanter is ultimately gone soon