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NBA Draft Day Trade Scenario 2: Utah Jazz

After the first suggested trade scenario got mixed reviews from people that read the article which can be seen here.  I came to the conclusion that Jazz fans don’t know what they want or at least not all of us are unified.  Do we all want to trade up?  Yeah I say the majority does, however how much the Jazz offer to move up differs greatly between fans.  Some think we can give as little as the 5th and 23rd to move up to 4th where others believe the Jazz would have to give up the 5th, 23rd, next years first round along with Kanter or Burks to move up into the top 3-4.

Since the top 4 is supposed to be a huge gap between the them and the rest of the draft class I seem to veer closer to the latter trade on what it would take to move up.  The Jazz have been known to be tight lipped, but Dennis Lindsey has stated multiple the times that the Jazz want to move up or back or out depending on what’s best for the team.  If Lindsey is motivated to move down he either believes what he’s getting in return is better than the pickings at 5 or the real guy he wants is projected later in the draft.

I’m starting to lean towards the Jazz taking Noah Vonleh at 5 and I’m also starting to believe his ceiling is higher than Jabari Parker (don’t crucify me Jazz fans).  If that’s the case then the Jazz have a solid pick at 5, but if the Jazz want to move up then this is what I believe it will take to do just that.

Jazz Receive: 3rd pick from Philly

Philly Receives: 5th pick, 2017 first round (from Golden State), Alec Burks

To move up only 2 spots this would do it I believe.  I was going to include next year’s first round pick as well and decided there was no way Lindsay would offer that much.  This way Jazz get their guy in Jabari (or Exum if it was me) and Philly would get a wing alongside MCW and with the 5th they could take Aaron Gordon to round out their lineup.  All this depends how high they are on Jabari.  The BIG obstacle is Philly tanked and every knows it to get a top pick in this draft so trading it away is highly unlikely.

I still think the Jazz are going to surprise people and make a few deals during draft day and none moving up from 5.  We’ll see as the draft is less than 30 days away.

Does this trade benefit both teams?

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  • Brandon Dennis

    I agree it will take more than the 5th and 23rd pick to move up into the top 4. I think Philly would be the last team to trade down though. Simply because of how hard and openly they tanked in order to have a top pick in this draft. Wiggins is the guy they want and from what I’ve heard the Cavs and Bucks like Parker and Embiid more than Wiggins at this point.

    If Cavs are willing wouuld 5th, 23rd, 2017 Warriors pick, and Kanter be too much to trade up 4 spots? Remember the Cavs really liked Kanter in the draft and tried to move up to get him and the 2017 draft is supposed to be very good.

    Trading up really comes down to do the teams ahead of them think any of the top 4 players are potential stars. If they do and one of them is available when they pick, there’s no way they trade down. If they don’t think any of them are or whoever they think is a star, but is drafted before they pick, then they would be a little more inclined to trade down. In a league where you have to have superstars to compete I just don’t see teams passing on an opportunity to grab a potential star in order to get more pieces.

    I also hope Burks is not included in any trade. I really like Burks and think he will be the best player out of their young players.

    • IDJazzman

      Two teams that aren’t trading down, 76ers and the Bucks. The best chance of trading up would be with either Orlando or the Cavs. I also believe that Vonleh could very easily be better than Parker, but it will take at least 3 seasons to see his promise. Vonleh will be a project over the next 3-5 years the same as Kanter is and look how impatient many fans are and many are ready to trade Kanter for nearly nothing. If the Jazz gave Kanter and the #5 to the Cavs, that would be plenty to give for the number 1 pick.

      • Brandon Dennis

        Why do you say the Bucks would never trade down? You have to remember they tried to win this season, so may be more interested in someone who can immediately contribute, whether that is Jabari (who is the most NBA ready) or trading down a few spots, adding Randle (who is the most NBA ready in the next tier) as well as a veteran and maybe another pick or player. Besides who knows what the new ownership has planned for the team. I think they are the wildcard team as far as trades go.

        As far as Vonleh and Parker go it’s difficult to say who will be better given they play different positions (assuming Parker plays SF in the NBA) as well as their style of play. Either way does Vonleh have a higher ceiling? Possibly, but Parker has a much higher floor. Excluding injuries the worst case scenario for Parker is still a solid NBA player who can provide instant offense. Whereas Vonleh, could be a journeyman for several years playing scrub minutes. He is simply a very raw player and there are a ton of raw players who had a ton of potential that didn’t materialize.

        I don’t think Kanter and the 5th pick is plenty for the Cavs. Just reverse the scenario. As a Jazz fan would you rather have Kanter and the 5th pick or Jabari, Wiggins, Embiid, or Exum (whoever you’d take 1st)? Probably not. Especially when you consider whoever is taken 5th is almost assured to be a PF (Randle, Vonleh, Gordon), so essentially you’re trading 2 PF’s for the 1st pick. Yes I know Kanter is listed as a C, but his game is better suited for PF.

        • IDJazzman

          Well, let’s watch and see come draft day if the Bucks trade down or out. Personal opinion, I would keep Kanter and the 5th pick and not trade for any of the top 4 with those two assets. Everyone seems to think that just because these top 4 are anointed that they all will become superstars. History has taught us that at least 1 if not 2 of the top 4 are busts in relation with their pick. Kanter will seem like a totally different player this coming season with a new coach and we shall see with Kanter, also.

          • Brandon Dennis

            Sorry I didn’t see you replied until now. I think Kanter could become a very good player, but never a player an offense revolves around. Simply because he plays below the rim. If he becomes the focus of defenses I think he struggles. That is the biggest problem with the Jazz right now. They have a lot of very nice pieces, but unless they have someone who can come in and be a player who can put the team on their back, then the Jazz will never become anything but decent no matter how many pieces they add.
            That is why trading up would be worth it. Even if only 1 or 2 become superstars then having the chance to get a superstar is worth it. If they place a superstar on this roster, then these “pieces” become extremely important as I think Hayward is a great 2nd or 3rd option, but was awful as the 1st. Kanter could be a 20/10 guy alongside a superstar, Burks ability to cut to the basket could kill teams as they would have to focus on a bonafide star, Favors could start to use his athletic ability and become a 15/12 type player who is a top shot blocker. But all of this depends on the Jazz being able to add someone who can carry the load on offense. Without they struggle, with it they could become a legit title contender.

    • Josh Haslam

      I’m with ya, but I thought I could try something different. It’s always something we don’t see coming when it comes to trades.

      • Brandon Dennis

        Burks may very well be the desired player in a trade. He could potentially be a deal breaker as far as a trade is concerned. I just really like the way he attacks the basket and plays with a chip on his shoulder, so I would hate to see him go.

  • Nathan

    I like the Jazz sticking with the 5th pick and drafting Aaron Gordon. I like Gordon. A lot. I also think he’s a better athlete than Jabari Parker and Dante Exum, is a better defensive option for anything from wings to bigs, and I think his career will have a big improvement arc/trajectory. If anything, I think Utah should trade their 23rd and 35th picks to the Celtics for their 17th pick.

    • IDJazzman

      If, the big if here, Gordon could develop an accurate outside shot and good FT shooting, he could be the steal of the draft. No question he is the top athlete in this draft. Without a reliable outside shot and good FT shooting, he’s got bust written on him. This gives the opposing defense a huge advantage. I hope Lindsey has his crystal ball working??

    • tck62

      If they do that they should take Rodney Hood.

    • Justin

      I like Gordon too, but I am worried about him at the line. That needs a lot of love this off season

  • tck62

    This trade makes no sense to me, Hayward has proven his ball handling skills are suspect at the end of games to play as a 2.

    Which now begs the question who are we trading up for ? If we move up for Parker why would we pay $ Millions to Hayward to play the same spot ?

    How about this. The Jazz #5, #23, the future Warriors #1, Kanter, Trey and a sign and trade with Hayward and get back Irving and the Cav’s #1 ? This puts the Jazz starting lineup next year as Irving, Burks, Wiggins or Parker, Favors and Gobert ? The Cav’s maybe worried about losing Irving anyway.

    • Justin

      Irving will be FA and would never resign with the Jazz :(

      • tck62

        But at least we wouldn’t have gotten ourselves stuck with Hayward at $13 Million a year.

        • Justin

          Very true. How sick would that trade be though having Irving! I just hope we don’t trade up and lose Kanter or Burks.

          • tck62

            I’m not sold on Kanter yet defensively to be to sad if we have to move him, freeing up minutes for Gobert to develop should be Jazz priority #1. I almost think it would be wise for the Jazz to start Gobert for he’s defense and bring Kanter off the bench for his 2nd team offense.

  • Justin

    I do not want to trade Alec Burks. I think he has a bright future here in Utah. I would give up the next 2 years worth of picks before giving up Burks. I think 5, 23 and our second rounder and possibly 2015 first round pick would be enough. I don’t know if that is completely possible, but I do think it is something we could pull off. I think I might be dead wrong though.

  • jazzcritic

    Noah Vonleh is now in the conversation reguarding the top 4 picks, the Jazz may be able to get the player they want without moving down. If not I think Vonleh could be the guy we need at the 5 spot.