Apr 12, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets small forward Kenneth Faried (35) guards Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward (20) in the fourth quarter at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 101-94. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft Trade Possible Scenario 1: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz moved back a spot and will be selecting fifth in the upcoming NBA draft in June.  However the chances of the Jazz doing an NBA draft trade moving up or down in my opinion is 50%.

If the Jazz stay at 5 they really love Vonleh, Smart, Gordon or Randle.  Could they be in love with one or more of these guys?  Absolutely.  The one question the Jazz have to ask themselves though is will any of these guys start over current Jazz guys and improve the roster?  Gordon and Smart are elite defenders and Dennis Lindsey has to really like the idea of those two players, and Vonleh is a stretch 4 that would help the Jazz with spacing.

If the Jazz can’t trade up and they don’t think any of the next 4 drastically improves the roster then I could see a trade like this happening:

Jazz Receive: Kenneth Faried, 11th pick (Nik Stauskas or Dario Saric)

Nuggets Receive: 5th pick (Noah Vonleh), Ian Clark

The entire reason Ian Clark is included is to make the money work.  The Jazz would get a hustle player in Faried who does all the little things and they would be able to get a player like Nik Stauskas who in my opinion will be better than Klay Thompson or at least very similar.  The Jazz struggled yet again with the 3 point shot and Stauskas is the best in the draft.

The Nuggets would move up and get a guy they believe would be a difference maker and a guy that can stretch the floor in Vonleh.  He would help Lawson out and the Nuggets would not clog up the middle like they do with Faried right now.  The Nuggets have been rumored to be shopping Faried and this could be the right deal for both teams.

Is this trade good for both teams?

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  • fastfox1306

    I don’t like this deal….mainly cause I think there is a possibility that Embiid may fall to 5. If Cleveland passes on Embiid, I don’t see Milwaukee, Philadelphia or Orlando taking him. I think if the jazz land Embiid at 5, then they should package Kanter and the 23rd pick to get the 8th pick from Sacramento. Then they can select Stauskus at 8. This would give them their true center and 3-point shooter they desperately need. Of course this is all dependent on whether or not Embiid actually falls, however i am high on Stauskus like you.

    If Embiid is snatched up, then I say just keep the 5th pick and draft either Vonleh or Randle. I am intrigued by vonleh because he’s a physical specimen and he seems to have nice touch (16 of 33 from 3pt at combine), however Randle can come in a produce right away.

    • Brandon Dennis

      If Embiid is healthy there is zero chance he falls to 5. Big men at the top of the draft always go high. That’s the reason Oden went before Durant, Bowie and Hakeem before Jordan. NBA teams covet size and Embiid could potentially be the next great big man is too pass up.

      There is also no chance the Kings would trade for Kanter and the 23rd pick for the 8th. That is nowhere near the value of the 8th pick in this draft and the Kings have no need of Kanter. They already have Cousins who is a dominant scorer down low. If they were going to add another big it would be a defensive stalwart to play along side Cousins.

  • Rafael Hong

    Change 5th pick, 23 pick of 2014 and 2015 pick of Warriors for 1st or 2nd pick to jazz will take Parker or wiggins

  • Dfreshy

    Great deal. Jazz get scoring (3 point shooting), Def and rebounding. I think people are under estimating the value of a great 3 point shooter. Spacing the floor will get us easier buckets and make our current players better.