NBA Draft Lottery set for tonight

The Utah Jazz had their regular season end on April 16th after a dramatic double overtime victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. After the game, the Jazz were tied with the Boston Celtics for the fourth worst record in the NBA.

Since the two teams were tied, there had to be a tie breaker to decide who would enter the lottery in the fourth position, and who would fall into the fifth position. The Jazz won that tiebreaker and have the fourth best odds to win the lottery and come out with the number one overall pick.

All that has led to one night. That night is tonight.

The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery is set to take place tonight in New York City, where along with the Jazz, 13 other teams who didn’t make the playoffs this season, will see where exactly they will be drafting in June during the NBA Draft.

Each team that has one person that represents the team on stage at the lottery. In recent years, the Cleveland Cavalier’s have made some noise in the lottery, sending Cavalier’s owner Dan Gilbert’s son to represent the team. The Jazz are sending a family member of the owner to represent them as well this year, however, he is a bit older than Gilbert’s son. The Jazz will be represented on stage by Bryan Miller, the youngest son of Gail Miller and the late-great Larry H. Miller.

How can tonight play out for the Jazz? There are multiple different scenarios that could play out tonight.

The Jazz are going to be picking anywhere between the number one overall pick and the seventh overall pick. The chances they can end up at any one of those spots has a lot of different odds.

The Jazz’s odds for the number one overall pick is 10.4%

The Jazz’s odds for the number two overall pick is 11.2%

The Jazz’s odds for the number three overall pick is 12.09%

The Jazz’s odds for the number four overall pick is 9.85%

The Jazz’s odds for the number five overall pick is 37.29%

The Jazz’s odds for the number six overall pick is 17.75%

The Jazz’s odds for the number seven overall pick is 1.42%

There is a chance, like the other teams hoping to land that top spot, that the Jazz could land it. However, looking at the odds, the Jazz are most likely looking at drafting fifth or sixth in the draft. Looking at the current odds, the draft order currently looks as follows.

1. Milwaukee Bucks (25.0% chance at #1 pick)

2. Philadelphia 76ers (19.9% chance at #1 pick)

3. Orlando Magic ( 15.6% chance at #1 pick)

4. Utah Jazz (10.4% chance at #1 pick)

5. Boston Celtics (10.3% chance at #1 pick)

6. Los Angeles Lakers (6.3% chance at #1 pick)

7. Sacramento Kings (4.3% chance at #1 pick)

8. Detroit Pistons (2.8% chance at #1 pick)

9. Cleveland Cavaliers (1.7% chance at #1 pick)

10. New Orleans Pelicans (1.1% chance at #1 pick)

11. Denver Nuggets via New York Knicks (0.8% chance at #1 pick)

12. Orlando Magic via Denver Nuggets (0.7% chance at #1 pick)

13. Minnesota Timberwolves (0.6% chance at #1 pick)

14. Phoenix Suns (0.5% chance at #1 pick)

After tonight, we will finally have a better idea of who the Jazz could be drafting in June. We will have a better idea of what could happen for the future of the Utah Jazz franchise. Be sure to watch it all go down as ESPN will be televising the lottery starting at 6:00 p.m. MST.

Make sure you don’t miss it!

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