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Should NBA Free Agency Start Before the Draft?

The NFL  has its free agency period before the draft so they can fill their respective teams with positions they need.  After free agency they can reevaluate their team and see what holes they have left and draft from there.  Logically both ways make sense.  Same could be said if you have the draft before free agency.

What if the NBA did the same thing as the NFL?  I wouldn’t like the waiting period for the draft to come, but teams would be able to see where they are lacking and draft guys where they need them the most.  With free agency first the Utah Jazz for example could see which players they can bring in.  Obviously Utah is not a popular destination for free agents, but this way the team can see which guys they can bring in.

For example, let’s say the Jazz bring in free agents Kirk Hinrich and Spencer Hawes and resign Marvin Williams and Gordon Hayward.  Going into the draft the Jazz would know they don’t need a backup point guard and they have a big guy to spread the floor.

The depth chart would look something like this:

PG: Burke, Hinrich, Garrett

SG: Burks, Clark

SF: Hayward, Williams

PF: Favors, Kanter, Evans

C: Hawes, Gobert

After looking at the depth chart you can see that the Jazz don’t need a point guard or a power forward.  Hayward right now can play either the 2 or the 3 but if the Jazz want him as the 2 that leaves a gaping hole in the small forward position.  Going into the draft then the Jazz could address the area with one of their picks.  Obviously in this draft if you land in the top 4 you take the best player available.  Outside of that though drafting on position makes sense.

If Jazz fell to 5 or 6 and had to decide between Aaron Gordon , Julius Randle or Marcus Smart it would make the decision easier knowing Gordon is the only one that plays the 3.  They could even reach a little and take McDermott.  With their next pick at 23 they could trade it away if they wanted knowing that their needs have already been taken care of or make a splash and trade a guy with the pick to move up and draft somebody that fits the team better.

I for one am all for having the draft after free agency, but I might be alone on this.  What do you think?

Should Free Agency start before the NBA draft?

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  • tck62

    McDermitt, Hawes and Hinrich ?

    White guy fantasy ?

    • Josh Haslam

      Wow I really didn’t even think of that..

  • sptfyre51

    I agree free agency should start before the draft. What if someone signed Hayward to a max deal and the Jazz didn’t match? Or if they are able to sign someone that fills a need? The direction the Jazz then go in the draft may change. The problem is with the playoffs going for so long there really is not enough time to have free agency and still have time to adequately onboard the incoming rookies after the draft. The current draft is the end of June, summer leagues start roughly 2 weeks later and go through most of July. They then have 2 months to move, settle, etc. before training camp begins early October. If you move the draft back any summer leagues have to be moved back and rookies would have about a month to settle in. That is a very quick timeline for such a major transition.