Apr 14, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz guard Alec Burks (10) dribbles the ball in front of Los Angeles Lakers guard Jodie Meeks (20) during the second half at EnergySolutions Arena. The Lakers won 119-104. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz: What I Would Do In The Off-Season as GM

Every fan thinks about what they wish the Utah Jazz would do and I’m no different.  The great part about talking about a subject like this is it gives everyone ideas and lets everyone think of something maybe they haven’t already.  For example I’m guessing 90% of fans think Trey Burke is a sure fire Jazz guy for at least the next 7 years, but what if the Jazz draft Dante Exum?  What does that do to the team this year, next year or in 5 years?

My point is this, even though the Jazz have certain players you think will be around for a long time doesn’t mean they will be.  Dennis Lindsey is trying to build a championship team and to do that the Jazz have a lot of options.

Who are the championship caliber players on this team?

Derrick Favors- If Favors can make another big jump in his offense like he did this past year then he will be a piece the Jazz will never get rid of.  His defense is an anchor for this team and he has made a huge jump every off-season.

Gordon Hayward- I know a lot of fans are mixed on Hayward but he is the real deal.  He is not an average player like a lot of fans claim, but he also isn’t a number one option either.  G Hay does everything and when his shooting gets back to where it was before this season he will be a very coveted player.  The Jazz need to keep him and hopefully pay him like the third guy on a team.

Potentially a star?

Alec Burks has shown he can score and get to the rim with ease.  Now the question is if he became the number one option on the team could he be a James Harden type player?  I think the Jazz should go that route as I think he can do whatever Harden does and play defense better.  However, if he is not capable of being the number one option does that mean he needs to commit to the 6th man role like Jamal Crawford?  What about like DeMar DeRozan?

The Order:

1. First thing I would do as GM is figure out what Alec Burks is to this team.  If he can be the number one option let’s do everything we can to surround him with a game plan that maximizes what he can do for the team.  If he is not that guy then the question becomes what guys are number one options in this draft and how do we get one?

2. Since I think Hayward needs to be on this team no matter what I sign him or match whatever contract somebody offers him.  If they offer him a max then I think the Jazz would have to stay away but signing him to a 10-12 mil a year contract wouldn’t be detrimental financially.

3. Even though number 2 comes after the draft I still have made up my mind that Hayward is part of the team before I go into the draft.  The draft becomes an interesting piece for the Jazz’s future as so many things can happen.  After the lottery we will be able to look more closely at this, but let me throw out a couple scenarios:

First one is the Jazz end up one or two and draft Jabari or Wiggins.  Now that we’ve drafted one of these guys and we have committed to Hayward, that entails Alec being the sixth man for at least one more year in which the Jazz will have to decide what to do with Alec.  Or do the Jazz go back to Sloan’s ways and have the rookie come off the bench?

Second scenario is the Jazz fall back a couple spots and the Magic stay in the top 3 where they can offer both their picks and Kanter to switch spots since it is widely known the Magic want Exum or Smart.  If the Magic think they can grab Exum at 5 they trade with us while gaining Kanter.

One more scenario is the Jazz trade out of the draft and get a veteran player that can fit nicely with the young guys we already have. ( ie Kevin Love)

4. Now that hopefully I have my team I feel in the spots with vets that can help out and guys that can shoot the 3.

Here is a mock depth chart of what I would love for the Jazz to look like next year considering we stay at 4 and Magic land at 2:

PG: Trey Burke (32), Kirk Hinrich (16), Diante Garrett

SG: Gordon Hayward (38), Alec Burks (28), Ian Clark

SF: *Jabari Parker (30), Marvin Williams (12)

PF: Derrick Favors(36), Jeremy Evans (8), Mitch McGary

C: Spencer Hawes (28), Rudy Gobert (12), Aaron Gray

*Jazz trade pick 4 (Dante Exum), pick 23, and Kanter to the Orlando Magic for pick 2 Jabari Parker

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  • PastyRasta

    I like where your head is at on most of this with the exception of the draft and the trade with Orlando giving up 3 players (2 picks and Kanter) to move up a couple of spots is way too much, I would do it if the Jazz were able to get both Orlando picks but the Jazz need as much talent as they can get IMO so moving Kanter and 2 picks to move up 2 or 3 spots is way too much IMO

  • Mr. Binn

    I think the Jazz need to decide on a coach first and foremost. The coaching decision combined with Lindsey’s guidance is what will shape this team’s future.

    • Josh Haslam

      Very valid point

  • Carlo Caoili

    Lol, why would Orlando want Kanter, when they have Vucevic. And why would you trade a legitimate center just to move up a spot. Also, Why can’t Orlando just draft Exum themselves. Jabari is gone by 1 or 2. I say it goes Wiggins, Jabari, Exum, then i guess Utah drafts BPA because they have Trey as their future PG (Eliminates Smart) they just extended Derrick Favors(Eliminates Vonleh, Randle) and you have a Center Kanter (Elim Embiid). Also, I say you lose Hayward, hopefully to Suns.

    • Josh Haslam

      Because Kanter is NOT a true center.. He’s too short. That’s the problem the Jazz have is both Favors and Kanter are not centers but the Jazz keep trying to play one there

      • Carlo Caoili

        Then Joel Embiid is your guy. I know you want Jabari, because he is mormon and Utah is Mormon city, but I don’t see him falling to 4, unless Utah gets in he top 2 and even then… the number one pick can choose Jabari. I always saw Kanter as a 5. Im pretty sure he’s 7″0

        • Josh Haslam

          ESPN has Kanter listed at 6’11″ but he plays below the rim which for centers don’t make for an appealing starter. Joel Embiid definitely can be the guy the Jazz want and yes Jabari will probably go top 2 and it has about 1% to do with he’s Mormon. I watched him in college more because of it but even without that I love his game.