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Haslam’s Utah Jazz Draft Board Wish List

Every fan has “their guy” that they want the Jazz to get and I’m no different.  This is not a ranking of the top players and the order the Jazz should draft them in, but in fact more of my personal opinions.  I’m not dumb and I know most people will not see eye to eye with me so take this with a grain of salt.  Also noteworthy is I have not seen any of these guys play in person and my entire board is based on Youtube, live games and gut feeling.

The Top Pick (between picks 1-7)

1. Dante Exum- I know most people are Jabari or Wiggins here but I think passing on Exum will prove costly.

2. Jabari Parker- Probably the top guy on the Jazz’s list and most Jazz fans out there.

3. Joel Embiid- If we pick him I really think the Jazz trade Kanter.

4. Julius Randle- Him alongside Favors gives me the chills but I know I’m a minority on this one.

5. Andrew Wiggins- This is lower than probably every board out there but I don’t feel good about Wiggins and I can’t shake it.

6. Doug McDermott- I Know this is reaching, but if the Jazz fall out of the top 5 I wouldn’t mind the pick at all.

7. Aaron Gordon- I like his hustle and defense and athleticism.  Not sure I like him as a top 7 pick though.

The 23rd pick

1. Nik Stauskas- I want him and I think the Jazz should trade up to get him and involve this pick.

2. Bogdan Bogdanovic- I really love this foreign guy and think the Jazz would be a perfect fit.

3. Adreian Payne- Big guy that can shoot and has an NBA ready body.

4. Rodney Hood- If he falls this far which he might I wouldn’t mind him.

5. Clint Capella- Another foreign guy that could be a steal this late

The 35th pick

1. Mitch McGary- Bring home the Michigan boys to Trey

2. Nick Johnson- I feel like he’s leaving too early and if he stayed he could be a lottery pick next year.

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  • Phillip Molly Malone

    As an Aussie, would love to get Dante (not that I know that much about him). I wonder if the idea with the Warriors pick of taking a flyer on an International player that might not come over straight away (and might have fallen because of it, if there is one in the draft) isn’t something that we might look at with so many youngs on the list already.

    • Josh Haslam

      Definitely should be something the Jazz look at. I know Dennis Lindsey has been in Europe scouting for the past week or so. I think the Jazz try and find some veterans because too many young guys can destroy a team. If Saric drops back because he isn’t coming out right away then the Jazz should absolutely jump on him.

  • McKay Karren

    100% agree. Exum is READY ready. Like Wiggins’ same ceiling, but so much closer already. Here’s to hoping Parker is off the board and we don’t pass on Exum late June.

    Strengthen the backcourt!

  • Justin

    Amen! Bring in Stauskas and Mcgary I would love that