Mar 21, 2014; Raleigh, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) drives to the basket against Mercer Bears forward Jakob Gollon (20) in the second half of a men

2014 NBA Draft: Need vs Best Available

The same question comes up every year, should a team draft on need or should they take the best player available?  This is part 1 of 2.  The next article will actually go inside the numbers of teams that have picked on need compared to best available.

We all know the argument and have heard the examples (Bowie over MJ, Darko over Melo Wade and Bosh, and the latest Thabeet over Harden Rubio and Curry).  So really is their an argument on what teams should do?

Here’s my take:  Top 5 pick best available and after top 5 pick based on need.

Simple, don’t think too much because you might miss on that one guy that everybody talks about for the next 50 years.  Enter the Jazz at position 4 this year (lottery tbd on Tuesday May 20th).  With arguably a solid potential starting 5 already the Jazz will look to add to their roster in any way they can.  So the question comes down to what’s the Jazz’s board going to look like?

Here’s what I think it looks like before they bring the guys in for workouts:

Things to remember is the Jazz have publicly said that they want help right away so an NBA ready player with less coaching needed is a priority.

1. Jabari Parker- The Jazz in NO way pass on him unless Exum comes in and Wow’s them beyond belief.

2. Andrew Wiggins- I’m not a fan but you can’t deny Wiggins athletic ability and defensive presence.

3. Dante Exum- I’ve heard this guy compared to 3 players, just 3 and they are T-Mac, Penny and MJ.

4. Aaron Gordon- Does everything and is a more durable Kirilenko type player.  Jazz brass love him.

5. Julius Randle- NBA ready but lacks in areas of concern.

6. Joel Embiid- Might be number one on some teams radars and 6 seems way low right? Wrong, not for the Jazz as he is not even close to NBA ready and is another project as is/was Kanter and Gobert.  Yes he will most likely be better than Kanter and Gobert but for him to be a star type player (IF) could take 5-7 years minimum IMO.

Areas of concern that will need to be addressed before the Jazz draft:

Resigning Hayward no matter what?  Dennis Lindsey makes it sound like that’s the case.

Is Exum a point guard or a shooting guard?

Is Kanter or Burks expendable in case a trade falls in their lap?

Is Jabari and Wiggins that far ahead of the rest of the pack that getting them at any cost is worth it?

Is Embiid a project or is he farther ahead than most scouts and gm’s feel?

Is Aaron Gordon being overlooked and if needed could the Jazz trade down and get him if they don’t get the top 3 guys?

Will Exum cause problems if he doesn’t start right away like he has stated?

What do you think Jazz fans? Is their a position the Jazz should try and draft or should they just take best available even if they fall to 5 or 6?






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