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Utah Jazz: Head Coach Options

Dennis Lindsey said he would make an unemotional decision on Ty Corbin here in the next couple days.  While we wait here are some of the options to be head coach for the Utah Jazz next year.  I threw in a couple guys that I think would be good but maybe have never been brought up before.

The Van Gundy’s, Stan or Jeff

The best choice here would be Stan in my opinion as he knows how to put all the pieces together better than anyone out there.  I don’t think either one would come to Utah unless they got a really big contract and I don’t see Jeff leaving his current job especially for the Jazz.  Stan would be in my top 3 of guys to hire.

George Karl

The guy has a very good resume and would probably be okay with coming to Utah.  The problem is Karl is older than I would like and he has health issues have worried me for years.  I think the Jazz go a different route solely because of that as they need a guy that can stay around for 10-15 years with this group of guys.

Lionel Hollins

Memphis management for some reason didn’t like Lionel.  He succeeded as the coach there and they took a step back this year without him.  I think he would be good for the Jazz moving forward and I could definitely see the Jazz going this route.  He would bring a defensive scheme that would really take the Jazz to the next level.

Brad Jones

After letting Jeff Hornacek walk (probably the biggest mistake the Jazz have ever made, ever), Brad Jones could be the guy from the same bench that you don’t want to have walk.  He’s very smart and knowledgeable.  His IQ about Bball is more than any of the other guys on the bench and he would be the Jazz’s least expensive option with the biggest reward.

Chris Webber

This is a guy that when I hear talk as an analyst that I think should be a coach.  The Mailman might not be happy as they played the same position and Karl was the better player (marginally).  However, I think Webber can bring the respect and knowledge of the game to these guys and he could be surprisingly good.

Jay Wright

Has coached at Villanova for the past 13 seasons and has done a very good job.  The guy also got it done at Hofstra before that.  I like the way the Wildcats play and although it won’t translate perfectly to the NBA I think that not giving this guy a chance is a mistake.  He is my top option for the Jazz but he is also a name that I’ve never heard brought up in rumors for a head coaching vacancy.

Ty Corbin

He had it tough all 3 years and might deserve a second chance in some people’s minds.

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  • Chris Taylor

    A guy that can stay around for 10-15 years? That type of thing doesn’t happen anymore. If you think a guy can give you 5-7 good seasons, you take him.

  • Matthew Crandall

    They should bring back Jerry Sloan. He could give them 3 beautiful years, maybe 4 if we get lucky.

  • Layne Papenfuss

    That’s it? Those are the options? None of the above. I would vote for Kevin Ollie over these guys, and I’m not convinced Ollie is ready for the NBA quite yet.

  • Vern Fitzgerel

    Malone was “marginally” better than Webber. Lost ALL credibility. Sorry I gave your site any traffic.

    • Josh Haslam

      The Mailman was the second or third best power forward ever, but to say Webber wasn’t close is absurd. If Webber had Stockton or a decent point guard he’d be right there with him. I take it you never watched the NBA or are a big Jazz homer? That’s fine this being a Jazz blog and all. Webber averaged in Sacramento 23+ points, 11+ boards, 5 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.5 assists. Name a power forward that does that today?… I’m waiting. Yes Malone scored more but again attribute a lot of that to Stockton. Again I repeat Malone was a better player, marginally.

      • sptfyre51

        You can’t take the best years Webber had and compare them to the career of Malone. And besides he averaged 22.967 pts (not 23+) 10.65 feb (not 11+) 4.6 assists, and that’s not even considering the games he played in ’04-’05 before being traded when he was below those averages in pts and rebounds.
        If you are going to compare players you have to look at their entire career:
        Webber: 5 time All-Star, All NBA 1st team once, All NBA 2nd team three times, All NBA 3rd team once, 20.7 pts, 9.8 rebs, 4.2 assts, 1.4 steals, 1.4 blks. Additionally it is important to note that Webber was considered a below average defender, even a terrible defender. Additionally, his rebounding numbers are a bit misleading he had a career rebounding rate of 21% and in the playoffs it dropped to 17.9% (Below average for PF).

        Malone: 14 time All-Star, All NBA first team 11 times (yes a DECADE of years more than Webber), All NBA 2nd team twice, All NBA 3rd team once, All NBA Defensive 1st team three times, All NBA Defensive 2nd team once, NBA’s 50th Anniversary All Time team member, 2x Gold Medal winner, 2x NBA MVP, 25 pts, 10.1 rebs, 3.6 assts, .8 blks, 1.4 stls. And since I gave Webber’s rebounding rate I’ll give Malone’s as well, 23.5% career in the regular season (Webber’s career best was similar to Malone’s career average, just saying), 23.3% in the playoffs.

        Malone CLEARY has the better career numbers. Offensively he was better, defensively Webber was a liability where Malone was very good. Then you have to look even deeper and consider longevity of their careers. Webber had about a decade or so with solid numbers, Malone had 17. Continuing with the longevity Webber only played in 831 games (Missing 367 games during his career). Malone on the other hand played in 1,476 games (Missing only 52 games during his career, with 42 of those coming in his last season with the Lakers, or 10 missed games over his 18 year career with the Jazz), which I believe it is important to note Webber missed more than 10 games ONE season 13 times!

        Bottom line is NO Malone is not “Marginally” better than Webber, he is clearly better and it is not close. And NO it is not a homer pick. Malone was a first ballot hall of famer where there was ZERO debate on whether he deserved to be in the hall of fame or not. Webber on the other hand….. just go ahead and google “is Chris Webber a hall of famer.” You’ll see there is a debate on his credentials. Will he get in? Probably, but in no way shape or form can you consider Malone only “marginally” better!!

        Also you attack Vern and call him a Jazz homer or has never watched an NBA game. What you are clearly demonstrating is that just because you have watched NBA games does not mean you know anything about the game. I would say stick to writing, but your article sucks and gives no relevant information. This is better off in a blog, not as an article.

        • Josh Haslam

          Malone is the better player, never said he wasn’t. Marginally is a subjective word that can be taken in many ways, my intention was out of all the power forwards to play the game Malone was ahead of Webber by a few spots hence the term used. Malone did have the better career by far because of the longevity. Which if that’s the discussion then yes you are right and marginally doesn’t fit. As for the eye test Webber was a sensational player and that is why I used the never watched an NBA game because anybody that watched Webber knew how good he was. Thanks for saying the article sucked though, much appreciated. The article was put out before any hints of names were dropped to the public and before Ty knew he wasn’t coaching next year. So yes the article gave no useful info as we know a lot more now. It was purely a speculation piece. Thanks for taking the time to write that as you had motivation and a lot of free time. If you want to write for us let me know.

          • sptfyre51

            Marginally is not a very subjective word. The definition of the word is to a limited extent, or slightly. Malone is much better, and it isn’t close. Not to say Webber wasn’t a great player in his own right, but he isn’t in the same conversation as Malone (Malone is in the argument for greatest PF ever. Although he doesn’t get the nod if you consider Duncan a PF, but he is in the argument). I apologize for saying the article sucked. That was a cheap shot. It irritates me when people post an opinion and someone replies with insults or someone gives a differing opinion that is then met with insults, such as calling Vern a homer or someone who has never watched a game. Then, as a result, I resorted to the very thing that irritated me. It was childish and uncalled for I do apologize.
            If you are serious about me possibly writing I would be interested. That would be fun.

          • Josh Haslam

            Chris Webber’s best year : 27.1 ppg, 11.1 rpg, 4.2 apg, 1.7 bpg, 1.3 spg
            Karl’s MVP best season 97-98 : 27.0 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 3.9 apg, .9 bpg, 1.2 spg

            Karl’s career smashes C-Webb’s career but marginally can work in many
            situations and I can say that as a player Karl was marginally a better
            player in C-Webbs prime. I can use the same thing that Brandon Roy,
            Grant Hill or Penny were great players, but they will never be in the
            same discussion as the greatest players to play the game because of

            I shouldn’t have called Vern a homer or that he didn’t
            watch basketball as that was crossing the line, but I can’t stand when
            people come in and comment and just say that was stupid I’m sorry I ever
            gave your site views or something similar. At least have a discussion
            as to why somebody said something.

            And yes I’m serious about you writing. Apply in the top right corner. It’ll take a couple weeks to get you going, but if you can write at least 4 articles a month then we can keep you on board.

  • noodlekaboodle

    Who do I want to see the Jazz hire? Stan Van Gundy. Who do I actually think they will hire? Brad Jones or Alex Jensen. Two guys who will be cheap, and had success as head coaches at the D League level.

  • IDJazzman

    I am guessing someone else not on this list that Dennis Lindsey already knows.