Utah Jazz: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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As the 2013-14′ NBA season has come to a close for the Utah Jazz, locker room clean out begins today. Media will be there as Jazz players empty their lockers after a season that was at times tough to watch, but at the same time, was a season that was necessary for the Jazz franchise to take a step towards building for the future.

The Jazz will have some decisions to make on some players that have options. Some guys have expressed how they would like to come back to the Jazz next season. Others have been ready to leave for months. Others haven’t really spoken much on the matter. It will be interesting to hear the comments from the players today, but I wanted to give my opinion on who I think should be here and who shouldn’t.

The Jazz will have a lot of their core back next season. Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, Jeremy Evans, and Enes Kanter are all going to be back next season. John Lucas III, Malcolm Thomas, Ian Clark, Diante Garrett, and Erik Murphy all have contracts that could potentially land them back in Salt Lake City next season, depending on the Jazz front office making that decision.

The rest of the questions will be regarded around only a few of the Jazz players. Let’s dig in and see if they could be here next season or not!

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  • Olivier Batiste

    Of course I’d love to see Hayward in the Jazz team next season : he is a good player, almost like Batum in Portland. The only problem is that he is not a FP, he cannot lead a (good) team just because his shot % are middle. Gordon looks like a perfect lieutenant, a 2nd offensive choice, a good defender, and an interesting energic player with a great vision of the game.

    Then Marvin who brings motivation, experience, and good things coming off the bench. But please, he is not a starter at all.

    Rush & Jeff. will leave the team, it’s almost done. Richard was surprising this season, the team played better with him, he has proved that he is not finished at all speaking about basketball.

    I’d love to see a new coach too, & Evans playing more :)

    The starters I’d love to see in 2014/2015 :
    Burke-Burks-Hayward (or a talented rookie)-Favors-Kanter

    This summer is gonna be exciting for Jazz fans!

    • Cody Powers

      I think next season, if he comes back to Utah, he could possibly be in that 2nd option position. Alec is ready to take the next step, he should be a starter next season. Then if the Jazz could somehow land Parker, or possibly even Wiggins, that would help out a ton. Alec could be the #1 option, then Parker, then Hayward. That, I think, would make Hayward feel a lot more comfortable in the offense!

      In the article, I put that I liked Marvin coming off the bench so I agree with you!

      I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out!