NBA Scores, Schedules, & More 04-05-14

The Utah Jazz got back into action last night and pulled off a win over the Pelicans. Besides that, there were a whopping 14 games around the league last night, with a handful of them having lottery implications. Check out the scores below! Recaps via Sports Illustrated.

Memphis Grizzlies 100 – Denver Nuggets 92 (Conley, Gasol lead Grizzlies over Nuggets)

Charlotte Bobcats 91 – Orlando Magic 80 (Bobcats get back to .500 with win over Magic)

Toronto Raptors 102 – Indiana Pacers 94 (Pacers continue to struggle in loss to Raptors)

Atlanta Hawks 117 – Cleveland Cavaliers 98 (Hawks recapture the East’s eighth seed)

Philadelphia 76ers 111 – Boston Celtics 102 (Sixers win battle for the lottery)

Brooklyn Nets 116 – Detroit Pistons 104 (Nets beat Pistons with a three point attack)

Minnesota Timberwolves 122 – Miami Heat 121 (Wolves outlast Heat in double OT thriller)

Washington Wizards 90 – New York Knicks 89 (Beal’s clutch jumper seals Wizards win)

Chicago Bulls 102 – Milwaukee Bucks 90 (Bulls win fourth straight over league worst Bucks)

Utah Jazz 100 – New Orleans Pelicans 96 (Jazz snap five game losing streak

Houston Rockets 111 – Oklahoma City Thunder 107 (Rockets clinch playoff birth in win over Thunder)

Phoenix Suns 109 – Portland Trail Blazers 93 (Suns’ rally denies Blazers a playoff spot)

Golden State Warriors 102 – Sacramento Kings 69 (Warriors blow out Kings, sweep season series)

Dallas Mavericks 107 – Los Angeles Lakers 95 (Mavs win for second straight night in L.A.)

If you don’t want to click on the links and read the articles, you can always check out the video recap, courtesy of!

Tonight, we have six games around the league, with four of those games including teams headed for the lottery. The Jazz will have the night off before playing on Sunday against the Warriors. For a list of tonight’s schedule and TV info, check it out below!

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Orlando Magic

Tip Off @ 5:00 p.m. MST


Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards

Tip Off @ 5:00 p.m. MST


Charlotte Bobcats @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Tip Off @ 5:30 p.m. MST


Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons

Tip Off @ 5:30 p.m. MST


Brooklyn Nets @ Philadelphia 76ers

Tip Off @ 5:30 p.m. MST


Toronto Raptors @ Milwaukee Bucks

Tip Off @ 6:30 p.m. MST


Only one Western Conference team will be playing tonight in the league, so it might not be the greatest night for basketball in the NBA. However, with four games with lottery implications going on, Jazz fans might be keeping a close eye on the games tonight.

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  • Steve Gifford

    While this season has been a bitter pill to take for Utah Jazz fans, it is obvious from only to nba finals (both losses) that if the jazz are ever to contend for more than just making the playoffs they need to get a superstar or two and to have all the roll players willing to be just that. That being said if the jazz here at the end of the season move from the fourth to the fifth worse in the league, possibly setting ourselves up to move one or two spots from getting anything other than a new back up player. Then this season will start all over again but in a vulnerable position with many of the players we already have unwilling to wait around through a few more losing seasons hoping for the jazz to be bad enough to find a player good enough to take playing time away from the existing players. There is a very good chance free agency will see many of our planned on players will be playing elsewhere like very good players like paul milsap (all star) and Al Jefferson (who after the Allstar break played well enough to be an Allstar next year. I hope we are not eternally on a roller coaster ride. I am not a fair weather fan but this season was hard to take. I realize if it works we will all forget about this season but if it blows up we may take a decade to start to recover