Feb 7, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks point guard Jose Calderon (8) guards Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke (3) at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Jazz 103-81. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Burke: Trying To Tank Is Absurd

Special thanks to Jody Genessy of the Deseret News for allowing me to use his tweets to contribute to this article. All tweets are from @DJJazzyJody and are being used with his permission. Follow him for all up to the minute information regarding Trey Burke’s comments and other Jazz news!

The talk among Utah Jazz fans over the course of the season has been summed up pretty easily, if the Jazz win games, it hurts our chances in the lottery. As most know, the more losses you have on your record, the more ping pong balls you get going into the lottery. That means that the more ping pong balls a team has, the better chance at landing a top pick in the draft.

If you ask Jazz rookie point guard Trey Burke how he feels about the Jazz needing to lose more to better their chances in the lottery, you would find that he doesn’t like that question. In the following tweets from Jody Genessy, Utah Jazz beat writer for the Deseret News, you will see what Trey thinks about the whole situation.





As much as I personally want to see the Jazz land a top three pick in the upcoming draft, I also hate to see the Jazz lose. I want to see them play as hard as they can every single night, and when you do that, good things tend to happen.

The experience that the young guys will gain by playing through this stretch of games will be huge later on into the next few seasons. I compare it to the first round series the Jazz had against the San Antonio Spurs a couple seasons ago. The Jazz were swept by the Spurs in the first round, but guys like Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks all gained that playoff experience. Not only did it gain playoff experience, but guys like Favors and Burks have really started becoming better players because of the in game experiences they get from games like that.

We have talked about how the Jazz are basically one or two players away from being a really, really good team. One of those players could be found in this upcoming draft. More losses doesn’t always mean things are going to work out in your favor though. Think about when the Charlotte Bobcats had the worst season in NBA history a few seasons ago. They tanked the whole year and still didn’t get the number one pick.

There are no guarantees when it comes to tanking, but when you watch the Jazz, there is nothing that tells me that they are trying to lose games. A lot of nights they have looked sluggish, but a lot of that was in part to the other team just being better than the Jazz were. Marvin Williams already stated earlier in the season that this Jazz team was not trying to lose games. Now Trey has came out with a similar statement. I, for one, will continue to root for the Jazz to win games and when the lottery time comes, to let the chips fall where they may because I believe that Jazz management will figure out a way to get us back to a playoff caliber team, and hopefully more.

Take a second to watch Richard Jefferson’s comments at today’s shoot around, as he best describes the situation. Richard Jefferson Shoot Around.


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  • IDJazzman

    I don’t know any Jazz fans that want the players to lose on purpose, or even the coach, to coach to lose for that matter. I do know a lot of fans that want to win or lose with the future players getting the lions share of the minutes. There seems to be confusion between these two ideas. Dennis Lindsay seemed to have that idea in mind when he didn’t resign any veterans from last year. The fans that want a higher draft pick, everyone thinks they want the players to play to lose, not true! This team is only one or two players short of being a very good team in the future, however if they only draft the talent level that they already have, they will not improve. Even Utah can get that talent level in Free Agency. It is the elite talent that this team needs and Utah cannot get that talent in Free Agency. IMO, the best chance of that happening in this draft will be in the top 5 picks, after that the talent drops off to about the level the Jazz already have.
    If the Jazz were winning with the young players, then they wouldn’t need an elite player. They are not winning, so they do need a better chance at getting a more talented player. That is why the draft is designed the way that it is. Teams(which are usually small market teams) that lose should have a better chance at drafting better talent. This gives the best chance for a true rebuild from the ground up. It will be interesting what Dennis Lindsay does this year. Whether he resigns Corbin and whether any veterans among the league are resigned to Utah. There could be another year ahead of losing and the Jazz could be in the top 5 lottery picks again next year?

  • JBQ21

    You know darn well that Coach Corbin has been instructed to play players with the best chance of losing. Jefferson is not that good and will be gone with his compadres from the Warriors in Biedrins and Rush. This was a salary cap deal that helped the Warriors. Both Biedrins and Rush were plenty good at one time. Both just sit on the bench with Biedrins not even suiting up most of the time. Burke is naïve and doesn’t understand the business of the NBA. The contract situation is bizarre and looks like collusion between union and management. There are several multimillionaires on each team who are treated like gods. The rest of the players are nothing more than “meat on the hoof”. Stars sell tee shirts and have all of the “gang bangers” fighting each other over high profile tennis shoes. Why would the NBA want to change this?