Mar 8, 2014; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) follows through on a dunk against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The Real Reason the Utah Jazz Want Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is the guy I fully believe the Jazz want.  Although Jabari is a member of the Mormon church it has little to do with that reason.  Jabari is coming off a freshman season at Duke that has had its ups and downs.  Currently Jabari is averaging 19.2 points, 9 rebounds on 48% shooting.  He is easily in the running for the NCAA player of the year and a lock for a type 5 pick in the upcoming draft if he enters.

What the Jazz Have

The Jazz have a consistent player at center with Derrick Favors, 2 solid wing players that compliment each other well in Alec and Gordon and a point guard who is a leader in Trey Burke.  They also have an ever improving PF/C in Enes Kanter and a defensive force in Rudy Gobert.  Jeremy Evans and Marvin Williams both have their roles on the team and I also believe the Jazz are loving what Diante is giving them as a backup to Trey.

Gordon Hayward needs to be signed and I fully expect the Jazz to do so with the time they’ve invested in him unless Boston or Phoenix offers him a max deal.   Alec and Kanter are eligible for contract extensions this summer and Marvin is eligible for an extension as of right now.

What I would want as a GM

If I’m looking at a starting lineup for the future that could compete in the West, I think the Jazz have the guys in place with their core young guys and add in Jabari.  Where I’d add Jabari might be different than what most people are thinking though.  I’d have Trey at the Point, Alec at the 2, Hayward at the 3, Jabari as the stretch 4 and Favors at the 5.  I know most people want to put Jabari at the 3 but kind of like Lebron, Jabari can play multiple positions.

The Jazz have had success with Marvin at the 4 and I’m sure most people believe Jabari to be an upgrade to Marvin.  I still love Marvin coming off the bench for the Jazz in the future and having Kanter be the go to scorer off the bench for at least another year or more.

The Trade Proposal

A Strong Possibility for the Jazz to get Jabari will be to trade up with Orlando on draft night.  The Magic really want a point guard and both Smart and Exum should be available at 4 or 5 and possibly 6.  If the Jazz end up with one of those picks I could very well see the Jazz trading Enes and their pick to move up 1-3 spots to ensure they get Jabari.  Obviously Orlando would have to be okay with that, but getting Kanter and the point they need mixed with Afflalo, Vucevic and Oladipo makes them a legit team right away.  Both teams win in the trade and I fully expect this to be an option after we know the order.


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  • sjames

    I really hope the Jazz get Jabari. I agree with your starting line up. I think it’s great for a good speed oriented started 5. The option I always figured was keep Marvin at stretch 4, then slide Jabari into the 4 when Alec comes off the bench.

    • Josh Haslam

      I just don’t think the Jazz should keep bringing Alec off the bench since more and more I think he is becoming our best player. But that could work for another year or so

      • sjames

        Good point. I’m still of the mindset that there is an advantage to having one of your closers come off the bench: He should stay fresh, a new line-up for the other team to deal with, give him a chance to get into rhythm against the bench guys

  • Phillip Molly Malone

    You seriously suggesting that the Jazz trade a pick, probably around 7 and a former 3rd pick for probably the 3rd pick? Complete and utter craziness if they did! Orlando would have to be giving something else as well! Now if you suggested that the Jazz trade both their first picks (theirs and the Warriors) then maybe you have something. And if you are right that the Magic want the guys in the lower positions anyway, why wouldn’t they take an extra pick to get it done!

    I still have pipe dreams that the Basketball gods will smile upon us (for not tanking) and we can win the lottery! We can but dream!


    • Josh Haslam

      If this draft is as good as advertised then yes even to move up two spots could be franchise changing. I love Kanter but getting a for sure (maybe 90%) all star for giving up a good big man and a starting point guard I think most people would do. If the NBA is rigged they will want Utah to get Jabari IMO so I’m with ya on the “basketball Gods smiling upon us”

  • Cody Casey

    Alec Burks is starting to unveil a certain set of skills, skills that if you look closely, you’ll find are used by all the elite NBA players, but are extremely rare, and most certainly not something you see everyday players obtain with experience, I think the main skill, is the ability to drive to the rim and then finish, it’s something you are either able to do, or you cant, I dont believe it’s something you can teach, or you’d see more players developing it, it’s more of a game style, you develop doing in your early days of B-Ball, you dont see a whole lot of players in the NBA who do it, successfully, I believe if you have a player with this ability, you can teach them everything else, I believe some serious time, and work should be put into Alec Burks, they need to bring in a shooting coach, and a Defense coach, and put him on 12 hr days developing an outside shot, and some Defense legs, I honestly believe if he developed a accurate shot, he could become one of the most dangerous players in the NBA, that ability to go to the hoop aggressively, and finish, automatically puts him into a special category of player, that being said, I think the Jazz should dd, WHATEVER!!! It takes, trade whoever they need to, and cut whoevers in the way, in the road to obtaining Mr. Parker, it’s not every year a player comes into the league who is almost guarunteed to become an all star, and be a game changing player, all the players who have been that highly touted entering the NBA for the past 10 years or so, have all panned out, and become prolific, and high caliber players, pretty much on the road to legendary status, just look at some of them, Carmelo, Labron, Durrant, D.Howard, these are all players who you got sick of hearing about before they entered the NBA, They were talked about, and followed to almost the point of disgust, but everyone of them upon at least the 2nd year of their NBA career, were not only changing the mindset of their team, they were making plays and hitting shots that were deciding the outcome of games there teams were in, pretty soon the teams were able to add key players around these guys, and before you knew it, winners, thats what I think, with the exception of Favors, and Burks, I dont believe there is a player on this Jazz roster that is above getting rid of in order to get Jabari, just My opine.

    • Josh Haslam

      I love this comment and completely agree. Alec Burks is one of the best if not the best finishers in the game and that can’t be taught.

  • sjames

    This article reflects my thoughts exactly. I fully expect the Jazz to do whatever they need to in order to get Jabari here. He would be a great fit at the stretch 4 spot, especially with Marvin coming off the bench. In terms of Enes, he really is the most tradeable of all of the core guys. I love what he brings, but he still has some development that he needs.