Mar 3, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter (0) and guard Gordon Hayward (20) fight for a rebound against Milwaukee Bucks forward Jeff Adrien (12) in the 2nd quarter at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Differing Opinions- You're Still an Idiot

Anybody get in an argument lately about what the Jazz should be doing?  I seem to every day and almost every day both of us seem like idiots to the other person.  I have the belief that it’s more important for the Jazz to build chemistry with the guys they have and to try and win every game, while others believe we should be losing to get a top 5 pick.  Whatever end you seem to be on, you have an argument for why the Jazz should do that.

My Side:  The Jazz have players already that as a team will be very good in the future with a couple more pieces around them.  Alec, G Hay, Favors and Trey all are huge pieces on a team that will compete in the future.  Kanter still has some work to do before I’m convinced he can be a starter in this league.  If these guys continue to find out their identities (individually and as a whole), then I believe that the Jazz will figure out they already have guys that are highly skilled and all-star caliber players.  Alec has the potential to be a number one option and IMO Hayward has already shown he can handle the team as a second option.  Add a guy like Doug McDermott or Dario Saric and give the Jazz another couple years and they will be competing for the West.

The Other Side: Jazz have guys that are okay, but none of them are all-stars.  The Jazz need that star type player and this draft has that guy.  If the Jazz get (insert top 3-5 draft pick here) they will be legit for the future, but if not the Jazz will be lucky to compete for the playoffs.  Jazz will not be able to add guys that will help the team in free agency and this might be the last time for the Jazz to be really good for a while.  The Jazz should not be building around Hayward, Burks and Favors as they should be building around who they draft this year.

The problem I have with the other side is even if we get a top 5 pick who is saying that guy is a number one option on a team?  GM’s have said multiple times that these guys are not superstars even though the media has built them up to be.  Getting Jabari, Wiggins or Embiid only means the expectations are higher, but doesn’t guarantee anything.  To get a top 3 pick without the help of the lottery requires full tanking which in Milwaukee’s, Orlando’s and Philadelphia’s case is starting over.  The Jazz aren’t starting over.

Should the Jazz tank from here on out?

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  • sjames

    I gotta say…I’m on you’re side too. That being said, every team needs an all-stat big time player if they want to go for it all. I recall interviews with DL where he uses terms like: “We won’t be skipping any steps” and “We will (build this team) the right way.”
    I have to think that DL has something up his sleeve. At this point, the only core guy who we could even consider moving is Enes. With cap space and a decent pick, we may be able to be a third party facilitator for a big name deal between two other teams.
    What I’m saying is that you are right, culture comes first. But the Jazz may be able to get the right situation and end up with the best of both worlds.

    • Josh Haslam

      Yeah I definitely think you’re right. The best of both world can definitely happen and Enes would be the guy to make that happen. I’ve said many times that wherever Orlando ends up I could see the Jazz swapping picks and Kanter to move up