Feb 1, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers small forward Hedo Turkoglu (8) battles for the ball with Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward (20) in the second half of the game at Staples Center. Clippers won 102-87. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Give Gordon Hayward a Break

Since Hayward’s career night against the Thunder on January 7th, the 4th year wing has looked less than acceptable.  He has shot the ball awful and even worse has looked unmotivated to be on the floor.  In his defense he still has had games nearing a triple double.

I think we as fans hold Gordon to a whole new standard because of the salary implications after this season.  Rumor has it that both Boston and Phoenix are interested in him and could offer him a a close to max deal.  If this is the case Jazz fans don’t want to overpay for another contract like Kirilenko had.  Understandable.

The problem (and maybe the blessing) with how Hayward is playing right now is mainly due to the strain his body has taken this year.  Hayward averages the most miles ran per game at 2.7 miles.  He also plays the game in a very physical way where he is always running into players and drawing contact.  In my limited career of basketball I remember how hard it was to shoot well if my legs were tired.  Same principle for Hayward applies here.  The longer the season without a necessary break the worse his shooting will become because all of the power is coming from his arms.

I expect a bounce back game tonight against the Celtics and his old coach Brad Stevens from Butler but I don’t expect him to get back on track unless he sits out a few games and rests up.  For now fans need to give him the benefit of the doubt as the Jazz have asked him to take on more than his body could handle (this year).  This does not mean he won’t be worth the money the Jazz pay him in free agency.

Either way right now is the time to give Hayward a break (both literally and figuratively)

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  • Steve Gifford

    I am not one that is giving up on Hayward he had earned plenty of time to turn things around.

  • Steve Gifford

    I am not one that is giving up on Hayward. He had done enough for the fans already to give him time to get things back to the way we know he can play.

    • Josh Haslam

      well said

  • T Kendall Watson

    This has got to be the dumbest article I’ve read regarding a professional athlete. Give the guy a break because he wants a max contract when he has a third year two guard that’s out playing him coming off the bench. Give the guy a break when he knew coming into this season that he was going to be the focal point of the offense and now he’s tired and unfocused, shouldn’t he have prepared for this his entire career. The truth is that GH is overrated. Yes, he does the little things and I like his defense on most nights, but so did Damare Carroll and the Jazz let him walk when he wanted to come back and publicly said as much, now look what he’s doing for ATL, not to mention Paul Milsap lighting up the East. I understand the Dennis Lindsey’s hesitancy to trade GH, but as I’ve been screaming as much all year, GH is not a franchise player and never will be, he’s way to streaky and inconsistent. If he didn’t play better defense than CJ Miles, they would be exact clones of one another. If GH is asking for anywhere near a max contract match his contract and trade him. BTW, give me a break, I don’t want to come to work every day, but I still want to get paid every two weeks, anyone have any sympathy for me?

    • Josh Haslam

      First of all you read the article wrong if you think I’m saying give him a break if he wants a max contract. Yeah he’s a professional athlete that has moved around the most of any other player. He went from the 3 spot to the 1 when he’s definitely the number 2 on a team at best. Comparing him to CJ Miles is comical. And if you think Millsap is tearing up the East that is also comical. He did better with the Jazz and he was a joke. I’m not saying give him a break from the games, I’m saying give him a break from putting the pressure of him being a number one. He’s not, He’s also not a max player and I don’t think anyone is saying that. Sorry you 100% read the article wrong bud