Jan 18, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke (3) looks on during the first half against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Is this rest helping or hurting the Jazz?

During the last 2 weeks, the Utah Jazz haven’t really played many games. Last week, the Jazz played on Monday and didn’t play again until Friday. Then after playing Friday and Saturday, they got one day off and played Monday. Now after their Monday game, they are off clear until Friday and Saturday again. After going 1-3 in these 4 games, the question becomes, is this much rest good for the Jazz?

If you ask coaches and players, they will tell you that the rest is good for them to get a chance to get their legs under them, a chance to get in extra practices and focus on getting plays ran right. It gives them extra time to watch more film and correct mistakes. All this sounds exactly true, but it hasn’t really resulted in the winning percentages that you would have hoped for from a team with that much rest.

The Jazz have played a total of 6 games this season when they have had 3 or more days of rest. In those 6 games, the Jazz have a record of 3-3. Although you would hope for a better record than .500 with 3 or more days rest, you have to be impressed that the Jazz have posted better numbers with the rest.

With 3+ days rest the Jazz are shooting 47.4% from the field, grabbing 42.5 rebounds, dishing out 22.8 assists, and scoring 100.2 points per game. However, they turn the ball over more at 18.7, shoot only 73.3% from the free throw line, and are shooting 32.3% from 3 point range with that much rest. There will be good and bad stats from that much rest though, however.

A .500 record looks rather good though when you compare it to the Jazz other stats with certain number of days resting. With 2 days rest, the Jazz are 2-3. With 1 days rest, which the Jazz have played the majority of their games, they are just 8-16. With no days rest, the Jazz post a 3-10 record. After seeing those, .500 is pretty good.

The Jazz will be playing at Dallas on Friday night after coming off 3 days rest. Dallas will be playing with 1 day of rest after playing on Wednesday night. In games with 1 day of rest, the Mavericks are 15-12. Then Saturday night, the Jazz will face the Heat at home. The Jazz will head into it with 0 days rest, where remember they are 3-10, while the Heat will be on 2 days rest. The Heat are 7-2 this season with 2 days rest.

The Jazz will have their hands full the rest of this week when they play their remaining 2 games of the week. They might have a chance in Dallas, but facing the Heat the next night might be a task that is just too much for them to handle.


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  • GrizzledPete

    Who writes this garbage?

    • Cody Powers

      We like when our readers comment on our articles. The feedback we get helps us improve. We welcome criticism whether it be positive or negative. Instead of writing “who writes this garbage”, maybe tell us WHY you didn’t like the article or didn’t agree with it. It makes us better at what we do so hopefully we can write something to your liking. Thanks anyways!

  • Steven Jaynes

    Who writes these garbage comments!?!

    What a waste of time reading that one.


    Until the last couple of weeks, where some results I think could have been better I have been much impressed by the turn around of the Jazz team in general since Marvin and Trey were able to take part in games, which coincided with me moving back the the UK after 5 years of living in Utah, so unfortunately although I’ve been able to read up on the results I haven’t so the games personally. I have been impressed with the fight of this team, even through important player personnel absences like Favors, Hayward etc missing games there has been some impressive togetherness amongst the squad. So much so I have been getting worried that the teams recent record of close to the 500 rate lately might be too high, when other teams around them seem to be intent on winning. I would hate to see the Lakers win the lottery or even get second pick. That would irritate me to the extent you would probably feel the aftershocks in Idaho all the way from London. The way the Jazz are playing, rest or no rest I can see them maybe only having the 8th worst record in the league, which is a great testament to the lads and their refusal to accept losses readily but but to think some teams below don’t deserve to get a high pick for some of the play that is on the court, and the likes of the Lakers and Boston with their resources don’t need to draft as high as small market teams do.

    So for that reason I am hoping the rest kind of knocks the Jazz team out of sync. Maybe the all star break will too.

    • Cody Powers

      Thanks for the comment! I think the Jazz will have a tough time getting wins from here on out. The schedule gets quite a bit tougher for them, especially in February! I think when it comes down to it, they will be towards the bottom or the rankings and could wind up with a pick between 3-5. Thanks for your feedback!