2014 Lottery Mock Draft : Edition 1

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Dec 3, 2013; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) reacts after scoring against the Michigan Wolverines at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports


As we have begun a new year, and are quickly approaching the NBA All-Star break, a lot of people start looking more and more at NBA Mock Drafts all over the internet. They want to see where their team will land and who they have a shot at drafting.

Here is my mock draft that I have put together. These picks are not based on my “gut feeling”. These results were ran through the Lottery Wheel on ESPN.com 20 times. The results were tallied and averaged out based on how the wheel was spun.

For the first edition of this, I think most Jazz fans will like how the wheel spun. However, remember, these results will change a lot before the lottery in May.

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  • aussiejazzfan

    G’day bloke I like your post I too have been using the espn draft tool and I reckon it took about twenty goes before the jazz got first pick but I see a pattern jazz choices in order go Parker , wiggins , embid , exum( go Aussie ) then smart or randle. I’m thinking the jazz will pick between 4 and 8 in this draft but praying for a lottery pick. Mate who do you think is the best choice/fit for the team and why? Also as a gimmick if the jazz could choose two in the top 10 with one being a lottery pick who would you pick and why. Cheers mate

    • Cody Powers

      Well there are a couple guys I could see fitting best for the Jazz. If they decide to play Kanter and Favors together next season and play a big lineup, then Parker or Wiggins is the best fit. In all honesty Parker and Wiggins are the best fits of any lineup the Jazz want to use next season. I like Randle though too. If Kanter and Favors can’t play together and they decide they want to bring him off the bench, they could play Randle next to Favors and that could be a good fit. If I had a choice in order of who I would pick, it would be Parker, Wiggins, Randle, Smart, Exum, and then Embiid.

      • aussiejazzfan

        I’m definatly not so sure if wiggins anymore though he would be good in defense but I see a distinct lack of drive from him at times though I’ll hold off until march to make a call on that. Also randle I don’t think works I believe him to be undersized 6.9 they say but he doesn’t look it plus he’s all about offense nothing else. I think the stretch 4 is working most if the time for the jazz and that’s what I believe we need at the 4. However in the draft the need is a RJ replacement and if we get lucky then at the moment Parker is still the best fit as it keeps Hayward at the two and burks can still score of the bench, however, I’m liking Saric as he would absolutely bring a lot of mismatches at the SF position and can play the Four aswell. If Neto cannot come over from Spain where he is playing then an Exum or Smart are excellent choices and I’d be very happy with either. I guess it’ll come down to where we pick of course and I’m praying for disaster at GSW so my dream of two picks in the top 14 comes true.