Oct 8, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke (3) dribbles toward the basket during the second half against the Golden State Warriors at EnergySolutions Arena. The Jazz won 101-78. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz: Shooting Woes Will Disappear

Trey Burke.  That’s all the Jazz need to get out of this shooting funk they’ve been in.

Gordon Hayward has been trying to take people off the dribble on almost every shot he has taken and spot ups have been very rare for him.  This is because he has almost been the point guard in most aspects.  Once Trey is back things will open up as we’ve seen them sort of do with Diante Garrett.  When the point guard can get into the lane that makes the defense have to make a decision.  They have to decide whether to collapse on the person driving or to stay put on the guy on the outside.

For teams this has been a relatively easy decision since Lucas is not a threat and Hayward doesn’t have enough speed to do what a true point guard will do.  The moment Trey drives and leaves Hayward wide open for the three will be the time the Jazz start to play better.  Yes they are still young and will have turnovers and will still get blown out in some games.  The fact is though EVERYBODY needs Trey back.  The pick and roll with Favors and Kanter will be deadly since teams will actually have to respect Trey.

The funny thing is I and every one of you don’t really know how good Trey is, but we sure as heck know that he’s much better than what we’ve been dealt with so far this season.  The Jazz are the only team that have a negative assist to turnover ratio and that I promise you will disappear once Trey is back and the same goes with the league’s worst shooting percentage.  Trey won’t be back tonight but is a surety for Monday night at home against the Bulls or Friday night against the Suns.

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  • Steven Jaynes

    Its been a horrible start to the season, but its been a horrible start to the season against tough opposition made worse by the injuries within the squad. It really decimated the squad in a way that I don’t think any other team in the NBA has had to contend with this season.

    I’m not sure Trey will have that instant impact we might all be hoping for. He is coming back from an injury that will cause him to question his shot and ability to live with the hits. He is also a rookie and going to be inserted into a team that just isn’t playing good as a unit, not just the PG’s but there is real consistency issues throughout outwith Hayward. The Jazz maybe made a mistake letting Neto go to Spain this year. He might not have been any better than Burke but his presence might have given the Jazz some consistency while they waited and some fluency had he moved over to the second unit when Trey did get back on the floor.