Oct 22, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young (0) and Utah Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward (20) jostle for rebounding position under the basket during second half action at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward: What is He Worth?

In the NBA  as in any other sport your team wins if they score more points than the other team.  Thus players that can score come at a premium when it comes to handing out contracts.  The Jazz right now are deciding if they should pay the big bucks to keep Gordon Hayward.  The fans seem split on this, some want it and some say no way.  But what is Gordon Hayward worth? Last year there were 9 players who averaged 20 pts a game.

1 Carmelo Anthony, SF NY 67 37.0 28.7 10.0-22.2 .449 2.3-6.2 .379 6.3-7.6 .830
2 Kevin Durant, SF OKC 81 38.5 28.1 9.0-17.7 .510 1.7-4.1 .416 8.4-9.3 .905
3 Kobe Bryant, SG LAL 78 38.6 27.3 9.5-20.4 .463 1.7-5.2 .324 6.7-8.0 .839
4 LeBron James, SF MIA 76 37.9 26.8 10.1-17.8 .565 1.4-3.3 .406 5.3-7.0 .753
5 James Harden, SG HOU 78 38.3 25.9 7.5-17.1 .438 2.3-6.2 .368 8.6-10.2 .851
6 Russell Westbrook, PG OKC 82 34.9 23.2 8.2-18.7 .438 1.2-3.7 .323 5.6-7.0 .800
7 Stephen Curry, PG GS 78 38.2 22.9 8.0-17.8 .451 3.5-7.7 .453 3.4-3.7 .900
8 Dwyane Wade, SG MIA 69 34.7 21.2 8.2-15.8 .521 0.2-1.0 .258 4.5-6.2 .725
9 LaMarcus Aldridge, C POR 74 37.7 21.1 8.6-17.8 .484 0.0-0.2 .143 3.8-4.7 .810

This was Taken from ESPN.com

Every single one of those players are big money players and deservedly so.  The smallest contract i believe is the extension that Stephen Curry signed before last season.  All of these players played at around 35 minutes a game. All these players are their teams number 1 option besides Westbrook and Wade.

Gordon Hayward played 29 games last year where he played at least 30 minutes.   In those 29 games the average minutes played were 35 minutes a game right on par with the leading scorers listed above.  In these games Gordon averaged 16.4pts per game.  Can Hayward add 4pts a game to this average?  I think he can.  This year Hayward is going to be the number 1 option on offense, he will have more touches.  Defenses will play him differently but he is smart and will learn to adjust.  He will know he is going to at least get 30 minutes a night, should be more, and will have the confidence to play his game knowing the minutes will be there.

Now if Hayward can get 20pts a game do you think hes worth top dollar? And if so do we extend him now on a pretty big deal or wait it out to see what he actually does? And if he does well we will be forced to give a max contract.

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  • Olivier Batiste

    Looking to Hayward’s stats reminds me of AK47 : great defender, good overall player, who makes his teamates confident. Maybe Gordon has a superior potential, the Jazz have to extend! But in my mind Hayward is a perfect lieutenant, not a game killer.

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