Utah Jazz: Jazz Should Grab Jimmer Fredette

Jazz Should Grab Jimmer Fredette

by Broox Anderson

St. George, UT—8:51 PM

Trey Burke goes down with a finger injury. The immediate response is a collective groan by Jazz fans and a drop off in game attendance. What casual Jazz fan will want to fill seats to watch a game while all the time yearning for something that isn’t there?—stellar point guard play. Fans have been enticed by Trey Burke and have stolen a glance at what’s to come. Until Burke is back in the lineup, observers will shy away.

One sure way to provide an instantaneous spike in ticket sales is to acquire Jimmer Fredette. The Brigham Young University hero (Provo, Utah) provided national attention in the Beehive State. Many a Jazz fan begged and pleaded for the team to select him in the 2011 NBA Draft, but the Jazz decided he wasn’t worthy of the No. 3 pick; and, the Kings seemed to believe he was a good selection at 10—two spots above the Jazz at No. 12 overall.

Not only would Fredette help fill a glaring marketing need, the third-year guard would slide in nicely as Utah’s third point guard. The team has recently been advertised to be looking for a serviceable third-string point guard. Deciding between Lester Hudson and Scott Machado provides some respectable options, but there’s no doubt Jimmer Fredette is as good or better—especially in the Jazz’s offense—as Machado or Hudson.

Jimmer’s stock will never be lower. He failed to get off the bench in two preseason exhibition games thus far, receiving, up to this point, two DNP’s (Did not play — coach’s decision) in a row. Fredette is a much more capable player than he is being utilized as. The Kings organization is notorious for being a black hole for talent—it accumulates it and the talent never really escapes. Utah could package a few second round picks and cash in a trade for the homegrown product.

Jimmer has only three years of experience and deserves a stable franchise in which to grow and develop. In light of Trey Burke’s recent injury, he’s a no brainer for the Jazz.

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  • braineater000

    Jimmer didn’t DNP all three games. He started the second game, with 7 points on 3/5 shooting, 3 AST, 2 STL in 21 min.

    He is also at this very moment playing in game 4, with 13 points on 5/8 shooting, 3 AST, 1 STL in 18 min so far.

    • braineater000

      Although I do agree with everything else that you’ve said.

  • Truth928

    WOOPS …. You let Jimmer play he is gonna blow up

    23 points, 5 assists (easily could have been 8), 2 more steals, 5-7 from deep with some great drives to the hoop. …. In 31 minutes :)—–

    I have been saying for 2 tortuous years under the “smart” regime this kid is THE STONE COLD GOODS… All Star caliber performer..UNSTOPPABLE on offense and a GREAT team player. Very high basketball IQ.
    As soon as he steps on the court the KIngs are a much better team.
    Could be the first NBA player to shoot 50% from behind the arc.

    One other thing…He is ALWAYS improving….