Sep 30, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward(20) and forward Jeremy Evans(40) pose for a photo during the Utah Jazz media day at Zions Bank Basketball Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Three Bold Utah Jazz Predictions

The off-season has its moments of fun solely based on speculation behind a team.  Nobody knows what is going to happen so everybody puts out their two cents and then at the end of the season some look back and say that their projection was right or way off.  For example last year I thought the Jazz were finally going to use the young guys a little more and break up the horrible defensive duo in Sap and Al.  I projected the Jazz to go 52-30 good for 4th in the West but that obviously didn’t happen.  In fact I was told I was an “idiot” to think that and the Jazz would be lucky if they made the playoffs.  That guy was right.

Since I was definitely in the wrong last year I thought I’d take another chance at this and project three things to happen that are definitely bold but more likely idiotic.

1.  The Jazz will be .500+ at the all-star break.

I know I know this isn’t likely but I said bold!  The Jazz play 52 games before the break and exactly half are at home.  That means if the Jazz win at home and lose all on the road they are 26-26,  but lets be logical it’ll be more like 23 at home and 3 on the road (yeah that won’t happen either).  I think the first of the season the Jazz are going to catch teams off guard because they think we will be an easy team to beat and they won’t game-plan for the Jazz until later in the season.

2.  Gordon Hayward makes the All-Star team.

If my first projection is right then the Jazz could very well have a player in the all-star game and the likeliest candidate is Gordon Hayward. Per 36 minutes Hayward basically put up the same numbers as Paul George last year, but this year I say Hayward ups those and averages more assists, blocks and points… still needs to catch George in rebounds though.

3. Ty Corbin wins coach of the year

In a wild turn of events, a coach on the so called “hot seat” actually has free reigns on a team and doesn’t have to pay attention to the drama that the old vets brought.  This is now Corbin’s team and he will finally show what he’s wanted to do coaching since he took over.  He even said it himself that Al didn’t allow him to do what he wanted to on offense or defense.  If Ty Corbin wins coach of the year that means that the Jazz really outplay their 27.5 game mark that Vegas decided to give them.

Let me know what you think about these predictions and what are some predictions you have as well for the team this year.

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  • TheMaestro13

    Traditionally, the COTY award has gone to either the great coach of a great team, or to the coach of a team that vastly outperforms the expectations (usually by making it above the .500 mark). I really don’t think the Jazz qualify as either of those teams. They might surprise some people, but at the end of the season, they’re going to be used as cannon fodder for teams trying to make the playoffs. Every team they play in April will be jockeying for spots in the the playoffs.
    As far as Hayward goes, he’s going to see some nice numbers this season, but considering how deep the West All-Star list goes, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets snubbed for a flashier player.
    That sounds pessimistic, but I guess I’m going the realistic route over the bold route. There’s a slight chance Favors or Kanter could make the All-Defensive team, but again, it usually favors players who are the lynchpin of an top-ten team defense, which is going to be tough with the Jazz’s liabilities in the frontcourt.

    • Josh Haslam

      Yeah I was just throwing out some predictions. I definitely see Hayward putting up the numbers needed to make the all-star team but getting snubbed and yes you’re right on the coty tendencies and that would mean the Jazz would be making the playoffs which is very unlikely in the West., I agree realistically none of this happens but as a “bold” prediction why not right? Favors should make an NBA defensive team but that depends on how the Jazz are defensively as a team as well. If we are top 5 in defense then we almost guarantee Favors or someone from the team makes it.