Andrew Wiggins: Only Chance

It’s no surprise that the Utah Jazz are expected to be in the bottom 5-8 teams this year according to most media sources.  Obviously with that becomes a chance at the highly sought after prospect Andrew Wiggins from Canada who will play with the Kansas Jayhawks this season.  Alongside him will be Jabari Parker at Duke, Julius Randle at Kentucky and Dante Exum of Australia.  This draft is loaded and no matter where the Jazz draft they will likely find somebody that will be a huge part of the Jazz in the future.

What’s the chances the Jazz can draft Wiggins?  Very low, but one thing will for sure put them in the running.  An injury to Gordon Hayward or another starter will for sure put the Jazz on a path to be a very bad team this year.  Now I’m not wishing an injury on any of our players cause I want the Jazz to win and surprise people this year but injuries happen often.  No team has ever gone through a season where their starters have played every game.

The point being that the Jazz will lose their starters for at least a few games to illness, ankle sprains, migraines and any other little problems that arise throughout an 82 game season.  Hopefully the Jazz don’t get a serious injury but even last year Hayward missed 10 games, Favors missed 5 and Kanter missed the last 12.  That’s 27 games where the Jazz were not at full strength and every year things like this happen.  The good news is the Jazz are not the Blazers with their bad luck (knock on wood) but it could still be a very rough season if any of the core 5 go down for a longer period of time.

That’s the only chance I see of the Jazz getting Wiggins unless their 2.9% lottery ball pops out with the Jazz logo on it.  Either way getting Andrew Wiggins means things went horribly wrong this year and the experiment with the young guys didn’t work..  let’s pray that’s not the case.

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  • TheMaestro13

    This is sort of a weird article. Our chances are same as any other team that is forced to deal with potential injuries during the season. Heck, even the Heat could be completely devasted by injuries and end up in the lottery and land Andrew Wiggins. Speculation/discussion about future injuries is almost completely pointless unless you’re talking about a Greg Oden or a Brandon Roy. How about an analysis about how some of the game-changing talent in the draft would integrate into the Jazz if we were to draft them?

    • Josh Haslam

      Sorry that was my point to the article is that unless we have a significant injury we won’t really be in the running for him. I just hear all the time from media that we are tanking to get Wiggins when in reality we will be no where near the bottom three teams unless something crazy happens. Yeah that’s a good article idea and I’ll put that on my to write about list. Thanks for the comment and the idea