Apr 5, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz power forward Derrick Favors (15) grabs a rebound during the second half against the New Orleans Hornets at EnergySolutions Arena. The Jazz won 95-83. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz Growing Together

As I sit here watching college football and Johnny Manziel I realize what makes him good is the team seems to respond to him well.  Now it’s only the first quarter so if A&M loses then we can act like I wrote this way before.  This is about the Jazz though and their ability to play together this year.  The team is basically a bunch of freshman and sophomore’s  in a league that is dictated by seniors.

To compete at a championship level with this team would be like the USA hockey team and their college talent against Russia and their veteran domination in 1980.  We all know what happened then and if the Jazz were to compete this year it would be a Miracle as well.  In fact it would even be more crazy I’m guessing.  NBA.com just gave the Jazz a D+ on their offseason grades and I’m not sure they understand what they are saying.

scoring and rebounding walk out the door with Jefferson and Millsap”- Jeff Caplan at NBA.com

Does he forget that the Jazz have two better rebounders that are starting this year?  Both Kanter and Favors are bigger, more athletic than Al and Sap and will be able to board with the best of them.  Scoring obviously will be questionable but you can’t tell me they are losing a lot with Sap leaving because his offense last season was horrible for the most part.  Also he forgot to mention that the Jazz get much better on defense with Al and Sap gone.

The backcourt is a wild card as Burke and Burks will both start for the first time this year and they both have talent but against the starters should be interesting.  The one thing that will help the Jazz this year though is their chemistry as the core 4 have been coming off the bench together for a while.  As they grow together don’t be surprised if the Jazz make a push to compete in the West in the next 2 years with this team.

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  • JoshFarc

    But as a team, who’s going to rebound for the 24+ minutes a game collectively betweenthe two when Favors n Kanter are not on the floor. Evans? Or that tAll slender kid they got internationally?

    I do agree Kanter and Favors together will rebound at a higher rate than Paul and Jeff. But they did score well consistently and had great backups in Kanter and Jeff.

    • Josh Haslam

      Along with what Olivier said the Jazz have Biedrins who actually is a really good rebounder. Not to mention Marvin and Evans are decent rebounders as well.

      Like you said they will probably keep either Kanter or Favors on the floor at all times. Should be interesting to see who steps up

  • Olivier Batiste

    @disqus_JoshFarc:disqus It seems that Biedrins-Gobert-Evans will have rebound responsabilities when they’ll come off the bench. Utah should look for a player like Ajinça (french international player) who has shown great improvement during Euro Championship. He could help inside for a few minutes & he can be signed till the end of september.