Feb 28, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger (33) dribbles on the perimeter against the Los Angeles Clippers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What If Scenario 1: Danny Granger

As you know purpleandblues.com is a big supporter of David Locke and his morning tip-off show.  On the September 10th tip-off show David wanted to go through some “what if” scenarios with every one of us as far as if the Jazz had made moves at a different time then this past off-season.  This morning David brought up some Danny Granger stats comparing his first couple seasons to Gordon Hayward and his progression.  I can remember some Danny Granger rumors circulating during the trade deadline last season due to the rise of Paul George and the Pacers not wanting Granger to come back from injury and throw off the teams chemistry.  Let’s go over what could have happened to make this deal work and try to project the best we can where the Jazz would be if they had pulled the trigger on this.

The Deal

The Indiana Pacers weren’t going to give Danny Granger away for nothing and we don’t know how interested they really were in moving him in the first place.  Taking a guess the Pacers were most likely shopping him as a super star caliber player and in turn would want a proven player that could help them win in the short turn as well as something that can help their future.  Last season the Jazz may have had a package they could have put together for the Pacers.  The Jazz would most likely needed to put a package together of Al Jefferson/Paul Millsap and a young piece as well whether it was Gordon Hayward/Alec Burks or a draft pick.  The Jazz aren’t interested in moving Gordon Hayward and that may have been why a deal wouldn’t have worked.  Without getting too deep into the money and other players being involved to make it work lets say the core of the trade had the Jazz giving up Paul Millsap, Alec Burks and their 2013 14th pick for Danny Granger.

This deal if somehow got done it makes quite a bit of sense for the Pacers.  The Pacers get Paul Millsap to help them try to win the East as well as Alec Burks and a draft pick for the future.  The Jazz on the other hand get a proven all-star caliber player who is injured and seemingly takes them out of the playoff race they were in.  Looking back and knowing we didn’t make the playoffs it may seem like we didn’t get up that much for him but we also do know if we made this trade we wouldn’t have been able to make the trade on draft day to get Trey Burke.

Where The Jazz would be

Pulling the trigger on this deal puts the Jazz in a completely different situation then they are in now.  Granger would be coming off injury and there would be questions surrounding him wondering if he can return to the form he was before the injury.  The Jazz are thin at Point Guard as the free agent market didn’t have a lot of options.  The Jazz probably would have drafted a rookie Point Guard with the 21st pick and resigned Mo Williams to a 1 or 2 year deal.  Favors would have got half of a season in the starting line up and had a little more experience coming into this season.  We most likely still let Jefferson walk as we will now rely on Granger to take on the scoring load.  The Jazz on paper may look better to the media then the current roster we have but are we fighting for a top 4 seed in the Western Conference?  Probably not.

This move in my opinion would keep this team fighting for the bottom seed in the playoffs while in the mean time we lost assets in acquiring Granger.  The Jazz take the risk of being burned on this trade as well if Granger comes back and isn’t able to produce like he was prior to the injury.  Mo Williams was not the point guard of the future and so we still are looking for a point guard to fill that.  I personally really like Danny Granger as a player and think he’s a bit underrated but the assets and position this trade would have put the Jazz in to me wasn’t worth it.  The plan the Jazz executed and where the team stands now I think has a brighter future then they would have if they would have taken this route.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this trade scenario and if you think this would be a good or bad trade for the Jazz?  Feel free to comment below or send your thoughts over twitter to @purpleandbules1.

  • Cody Casey

    This is an extremely difficult scenario to try and decrypt, on one hand, there was a point about mid January, where suddenly it dawned on me, ive for whatever reason, watched a lot more Pacer games then I ever have before, and it struck me, they have all these up and coming super stars, and an all around well built team, what happened to Danny Granger? I hadnt heard a word about him, seen him, it was just a few years back he came literally out of nowhere(or U of New Mexico)and was really tearing it up, and fun to watch, I guess he’s kind of like another Michael Redd, when you have him healthy, he is a game changer, but I don’t believe he was that good, for a long enough time, that you could say with any certainty, that he would be a consistent standout player, I don’t believe the Jazz needed somebody who kind of falls between a 3 & 4, and they cant afford to put all their stake in somebody who could get injured at anytime, leaving them without a player they would more then likely depend on heavily, I did think about what if he played for the Jazz, right after his all star year, but I just dont see him as a correct piece in the Jazz puzzle, I think if it weren’t for Jefferson, the Jazz would have been the Bobcats last season, and im extremely nervous as I anticipate some gigantic blowouts and one sided loses in the coming season, it’s nice to have that player that you don’t feel your stomach bunch up when they take a shot, that player you know when they get the ball, will make the shot more times then not, the Jazz did the best they could do as far as personnel wise this off season, im just excited to watch them play, and for some strange reason, it doesn’t even bother me that they are going to suck bad, I can honestly say thats a 1st.

    • Tyson Newman

      Love the comment Cody and here’s my thoughts on what you said. I agree that there were just too many question marks about Granger and we really didn’t know what we would get from him. I also don’t think he was the correct piece to the puzzle. I am going to disagree with something you said about the Jazz. Yes when Jefferson got the ball on the low block you could almost consider it two points and that was a great asset for the Jazz. What made my stomach turn in knots was watching the Jazz defensively with Jefferson on the floor. If you go look at the article I wrote recently titled “Where would the Jazz be with no Youth Movement?” you’ll see how terrible our starting line up was. Recently when the whole crew at purpleandblues spoke with David Locke off air after the Jazzcast we went over how bad our starting lineup was compared to other teams and how our bench was better then other teams benches. The fact is that Jefferson may have been reliable offensively but he wasn’t an all-star caliber player. The Jazz are going to have to have a player step up to get those buckets when they need them but defensively they are going to be a much better team and losing Jefferson in the long run is going to help this team be better. Thanks for the comment again!

      • T-Dub

        I think both of you got it wrong if Granger could slide in at the three and Hayward could play the two. I think giving up a lottery pick would’ve been way too much for an injured player that hadn’t really proven himself like Millsap had proven himself with the Jazz. Putting Hayward at the two and Granger at the three would create nightmare matchups for almost every team in the league, even if Granger is only scoring 15 ppg, because the other four could pick up the load.

        I’m more interested in reading about the different scenarios with whom the Jazz will pick in the lottery next year, say from 1 to 5 and how that person will fit within the Jazz’s system. I’m not completely sold on Andrew Wiggins and if he were drafted by the Jazz, would he stay or bolt for Toronto, because he’s on record as saying that that’s where he wants to be. I think that Jabari Parker is the best pick, I live in the Bay Area and have watched Aaron Gordon and I am not so sure he will be a good NBA player, he relies on his athleticism way too much, kind of like Derrick Williams. Anyway, that’s my two cents….

        • Cody Casey

          The problem is, Granger is alot like the guy I compared him to, not in position, but in Michael Redd was a game changer, I watched him toast the Jazz, as I did Granger, when players start taking extensive injure time, it generally continues down that path, the Jazz honestly wouldn’t have benefited from Granger, believe me bro, I watched him play here in the Mountain West, I had thought he may end up on the Jazz, I certainly wouldn’t turn him down if he wanted to come here, but I certainly wouldn’t give anything of value away for him, Jabari Parker is the only guy I’ve even considered to be someone the Jazz might take, Gordon would be a perfect fit, cause thats the kind of guys the Jazz love to take, guys who are pure athleticism, then they get here and burn out, I to am interested to see that lottery next year and the way it goes down.