Jun 20, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (3) shoots against San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan (back) and shooting guard Danny Green (right) during game seven in the 2013 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mike Erhmann-Getty/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

West vs East: Who's Better?

Ever since Michael Jordan has left the NBA the Eastern Conference has been dramatically weaker than the Western Conference.  Every year it seems like the West has 10 or more teams battling for a playoff spot while the East is lucky if they have 6 teams over .500.  Just to make sure the West is currently better than the East here is a breakdown of teams against the other conference:


Atlanta Hawks: 15-15

Boston Celtics: 14-16

Brooklyn Nets: 13-17

Charlotte Bobcats: 3-27

Chicago Bulls: 11-19

Cleveland Cavaliers: 6-24

Detroit Pistons: 4-26

Indiana Pacers: 18-12

Miami Heat: 25-5

Milwaukee Bucks: 14-16

New York Knicks: 17-13

Orlando Magic: 10-20

Philadelphia 76ers: 12-18

Toronto Raptors: 12-18

Washington Wizards: 14-16


Dallas mavericks: 17-13

Denver Nuggets: 19-11

Golden State Warriors: 19-11

Houston Rockets: 21-9

LA Clippers: 21-9

LA Lakers: 17-13

Memphis Grizzlies: 22-8

Minnesota Timberwolves: 14-16

New Orleans Hornets: 12-18

OKC Thunder: 21-9

Phoenix Suns: 8-22

Portland Trailblazers: 15-15

Sacramento Kings: 14-16

San Antonio Spurs: 25-5

Utah Jazz: 17-13


Since Milwaukee won the eighth and final playoff spot in the East with a losing record against it’s own conference (24-28) one can logically assume that any West team that played the East 14-16 or better would have made the playoffs in the East.  For those counting that is every team in the West except the Hornets (now Pelicans) and the Suns.  That’s 5 teams that got snubbed in favor of Milwaukee.  The West’s record in 2012-13 over the East was 262-188 or .582.  Although that might not seem dominating it definitely is.

For someone like Milwaukee to get paid extra for making the playoffs while teams that were better got the shaft is a travesty.  In fact over the past 10 seasons the East has had 11 teams not have at least a .500 record that has made the playoffs.

Each player gets extra money for playoffs as well so not only do they miss the playoffs but they lose out on incentives.  Even though they make millions players for sure still love getting extra pay days.  Here’s the breakdown from gobankingrates.com for how much each player gets:

  • Teams with best record in its conference: $328,078
  •     Team with best record overall: $347,947
  •     Teams participating in the first round: $194,016
  •     Teams participating in the second round (Conference Semifinals): $230,853
  •     Teams participating in third round (Conference Finals): $381,482
  •     Winning team in NBA Finals: $2,302,232

Total Team NBA Championship Winnings: $3,784,608

Add to that every team that has home games makes the team approximately $1-2 million and the city as a whole booms for business and teams lose out on a lot by missing the playoffs.  Not sure if something needs to be changed about certain teams making the playoffs but I’d like to see a change.

For example maybe if a team has a losing record then the teams in the other conference can play to see who makes it. Just an idea… Anyways the point is the West has been dominant and I’m not sure if that will change anytime soon.



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