Mar 9, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter (0) takes a shot over New York Knicks power forward Kenyon Martin (3) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. The New York Knicks won the game 113-84. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Enes Kanter's Time to Shine!

Enes Kanter had always wanted to play basketball, but according to many interviews he was never allowed to by his parents until he was 15 years old.  His parents made him concentrate solely on school, and even when he did start playing school work was always number one priority.  Well once he started playing he was very good and even started playing professionally in Turkey as a teenager, but he was getting almost no minutes.  Kanter’s dream has always been to play in the NBA and thought that going over to Kentucky and playing college ball would help him get there.  But Kanter once again was not allowed to play because of NCAA rules, he had already played professionally so college was out of the question.

Kanter still was able to fulfill his dream of the NBA because the Utah Jazz selected him #3 overall in the 2011 NBA draft. All Kanter wants to do is play basketball, and in his first two years in the league he got to play but mostly bench minutes as he was learning the ropes from big Al.  Now Kanter has an opportunity to play big quality minutes and there is no doubt in my mind that this kid will be ready for it.  He has been waiting for this his entire life.  last season Kanter worked his butt off and got into the best shape of his life.  He works hard and will be working even harder now that Karl Malone is pushing him to his limits.

We all know Kanter is far from a polished product.  Can he cut down on his turnovers? yes.  Can he make better passes? Absolutely.  But we do know what he can do when he gets the minutes, when he started against the Bobcats he had a 20/20 game and did it in DOMINATING fashion.  He’s had other games with double doubles and is a force in the paint.  I think Kanter is going to surprise the NBA this year and have a killer year.  He’s been waiting for this opportunity his whole life, and I don’t think he’s going to let it slip away.

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  • NightyKnight13

    I like Kanter too, but citing a “DOMINATING” game against the Bobcats doesn’t blow anybody’s hair back. But not a bad article, considering there’s very little going on in the NBA this month.

    • Roury McDermott

      Thanks for the input everyone.@NightyKnight: Yes it was the Bobcats but still an NBA team, and great players beat up on lesser opponents and thats what Kanter did.

  • IDJazzman

    I like the article and I also believe that Kanter will surprise many people this year. He is a very eager student and given that Malone is teaching him, I am absolutely sure Kanter will absorb everything he is taught. Kanter is probably one of the strongest players in the NBA and as he continues to learn how to use his strength he will become a force. Among his abilities is his shot and as he gains confidence this year he will burn a lot of teams with his mid range jumper. I like Favors, but I think Kanter’s ceiling is actually higher, IMO.

  • Olivier Batiste

    Turkish basketball is great, and best players from this country can play in high level championships. Kanter is a very good center, strong & impressive in the paint. Now he is also good at fishing thanks to the Mailman :)