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Independence Day: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are going after…. well nobody.  Names like Chris Copeland and DeJuan Blair are being mentioned but they aren’t even starters and won’t be in this league.  The funny thing is that’s a good thing.  The fans are going to get their wish for the most past and go completely young which means a lineup of Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter isn’t only possible but probable at this point.

Few questions remain and little doubt what Dennis Lindsey wants out of the Jazz next year.  Two things: Young guys getting playing time and chemistry and more importantly is being able to get a good pick in the most coveted draft since 2003 and Lebron’s draft.  Guys that will be in next year’s draft will be Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, the Harrison brothers, Aaron Gordon and Julius Randle.  Will these guys warrant a tank job?  To put it lightly… yes completely worth it.

Don’t take that as the Jazz tanking though as their starters might actually surprise most people.  Right now ESPN projects the Jazz to finish with a 27-55 record if we don’t sign any big names.  Not bad for a team that’s average age is 22.78 right now.  The Thunder only won 23 games the first year they started Westbrook and Durant and now look where they are.  I actually expect the Jazz to win more than 27 games though due to their home court advantage in high altitude SLC.

Being July 4th today let’s us think about the Jazz gaining it’s Independence from the fallout that killed the organization when DWill and Sloan left.  No more Al, no more bad contracts, no more of a leaderless team.  This year the Utah Jazz celebrate their Independence and start fresh.


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  • K Stoddard

    We can all sleep better tonight. Big Al just agreed to a contract with the Bobcats. I think this will be Kanter’s team by the all star break.

    • Josh Haslam

      I would love that! Kanter is a beast

      • K Stoddard

        Always like your articles Josh. I say that about Kanter cause when I go to the games and see him in person, he reminds me of Karl, or Pippen, any of the stars. He wants to take over every possession he likes nobody seems to have no interest in “friends, or buddies” around the league. Hayward and Favors are amazing pieces to a winning puzzle but their attitude does not match their ability.

        • Josh Haslam

          Thanks that means a lot! And yes you’re completely right with Kanter, he loves the game and he just wants to get better and take over. Hayward and Favors are like you said great pieces but if we have a “star” on the team it’s definitely Kanter. (Maybe Burke if everything that is said about him is right) Should be an interesting and fun year