April 14, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Sacramento Kings power forward Thomas Robinson (41) on the bench against the Houston Rockets in the third quarter at the Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Kings 121-100. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Rumor: Utah Jazz Might Get Thomas Robinson

The Rockets are in advanced talks on a cap-clearing trade of forward Thomas Robinson, with a deal potentially “imminent,” a person with knowledge of their plans said on Tuesday. Houston Chronicle

Teams that might be offering the pick to Houston include the Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks and Oklahoma City Thunder.-ESPN

The pick they are talking about is the 14th pick (possibly the 21st) in which the Jazz would have to give up for last years number 5 pick Thomas Robinson, who was drafted by the Kings then traded away for almost nothing to the Rockets at the trade deadline.  The two rumors out there right now is this one and the 21st pick for Jimmer.  If this were to happen the Jazz would only have the 46th pick available to them unless they did another trade to grab a pick.

Thomas Robinson would be an interesting pickup and definitely is intriguing as the Jazz’s third big.  At 6’10″ 237 pounds Robinson has a great knack for the game.  Both the trades he has been involved in (assuming this goes through) is solely for cap saving space.  He is not a bad player and to trade the 14th pick for him would not be a bad thing at all, it may even be a steal.

If we hear more on this rumor or if the Jazz have talked to them specifically we will update this asap.


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  • Lo Porto

    I don’t understand why the Jazz don’t just trade #46 to Indy for Green and #23. Then Utah could use #23 for Jimmer and keep our draft picks intact.
    As for Robinson, I feel like #21 could get it done since most of the players Houston wants who they could stash in Europe would be available then.

    • fastfox1306

      Yeah but Indiana wants to trade the #23 pick and Green for Jimmer, so I don’t think that would work.

      I hope they do trade the 21st pick for Robinson…the guy is a stud and he needs a home, much like Favors his first year, who was constantly in trade rumors and whatnot.

    • Chris

      Why in the hell would we want Jimmer? and why would indiana trade the #46 for a player and the #23?

      I would like Robinson because he has good potential, but the only thing Jimmer brings to the Jazz is…well i cant think of anything, except for satisfying BYU fans, and upsetting the rest