Feb 23, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe (12) is defended by Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors (15) and center Enes Kanter (0) at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Draft; Enes Kanter and Derick Favors: The Front Court of the Future

The NBA Draft is fun we get to think of dream scenarios of young talent we can add to our team and how they will make us better. However, let’s forget about the draft  for a moment and look at the talent we already have.  The Utah Jazz have the best young front court in the NBA and these big’s are going to dominate for years to come.

Enes Kanter is only 21 years old and there is no one else in the NBA like him.  He’s 6’11” inches tall and weighs 250 pounds of solid muscle, with a frame that allows him to move.  He is a beast down low and can shoot the ball efficiently.  To my untrained eye the form on his shot is one of the best on the team, its gorgeous.  He doesn’t have the most explosion, but he is working on that and will develop that as the years go on.  He knows how to position himself and uses the back-board to score in various ways, and when Corbin actually lets him shoot 3’s to spread the floor watch out!! His defense needs work, but I believe it is more understanding than what to do with  his ability.  He has shown flashes in this area, but what the Jazz need him to do mostly is put the ball in the hoop because for defensive purposes we have the Favors Zone.

Derrick Favors is only 21 years old and is an athletic defensive freak.  Favors stands at 6’10” tall and weighs about 250 lbs and carries it well.  Favors is just plain terrifying on the defensive end of the court and has a knack for being in the right place to swat the ball away. The best part is he just smacks the ball away and gets back on the court to play defense or offense depending on who ended up with the ball.  He doesn’t need to scream or taunts, he just acts like it’s nothing special which for him to do.  He is long and can move for his size, if he can become a more athletic Tyson Chandler other teams need to watch out.   Favors needs help on the offensive end, but has improved every year and with the help of Karl Malone this should be no problem in the future.

The offensive/defensive combo of Favors and Kanter should be fun to watch for years to come.  So while we think about the draft and what might be, why don’t we take some to to think about what already is and the possibilities we have with the pieces already in place.



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