Dec. 29, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; From left Utah Jazz former assistant coach Phil Johnson , former Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan and current Jazz vice president Kevin O

Clippers New Head Coach should be Jerry Sloan

Tuesday the Los Angeles Clippers fired Vinny Del Negro as their head coach. Del Negro guided the Clippers to a 56 game winning season which is the most in Clippers franchise history. Sadly for Vinny Del Negro the Clippers lost to the Grizzlies in 6 games of the first round of the playoffs. The first round exit was enough for the Clippers to think they can do better with someone else on the helm coaching this team. Jerry Sloan is without a doubt the best coach for this Clippers team and he must be the guy they’re after to lead this team to be the best in the west.

Jerry Sloan has seemed to be interested in a new coaching job as reports recently said he met with the Milwaukee Bucks about their coaching job. While I don’t blame Coach Sloan for not being too interested in the Bucks head coaching position he has to have interest in the Clippers job. This is already a solid playoff team and has a lot of the same pieces that Sloan already took to the NBA Finals before. If Sloan is looking for an opportunity to coach a team that could possibly be a title contender then this is probably the best opportunity he will get. There has to be a lot of interest from Jerry Sloan to coach this team.

The Clippers have got to have Sloan on the top of their list as well for coaches they want to hire. Why would the Clippers want anyone except for Jerry Sloan when you have a resume like his. Sloan’s system is perfect for this team. Every team that has done well for Jerry Sloan has had a top notch point guard, most recently John Stockton and then Deron Williams both did damage in the playoffs. The John Stockton era especially where they made it to the NBA finals twice and if it wasn’t for Michael Jordan they probably would have won 2 NBA titles.

Let’s not forget also that Jerry Sloan also coached the 2nd all time leading scorer in NBA history. Karl Malone was a beast and with John Stockton feeding him the ball for wide open looks there was no stopping the Mail Man. This was the blueprint that Jerry Sloan used to get his team to the NBA Finals 2 strait seasons and the Clippers are a team built on these same blueprints. If the Clippers can retain Chris Paul it’s impossible to not draw multiple similarities from Sloan’s past teams that have had success to the current Clippers Squad. John Stockton and Karl Malone, Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer, how could the Clippers not want Sloan to coach Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. If the Clippers want to take the next step and stick with this core to see where they can go then Jerry Sloan is their best option. Don’t be surprised at all to see news in the coming weeks tying the Clippers job to Jerry Sloan.

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