May 16, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Nerlens Noel is interviewed during the NBA Draft combine at Harrison Street Athletics Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Who's the Busts in the 2013 NBA Draft Class?

Every year college players get evaluated all year by scouts.  They get sized up, scrutinized and basically judged on what potential they have.  Even after this process is done some players still don’t make it in the NBA and become as what most people know as a “bust”.  These three things have to happen for a player to be even considered a bust:

1. Drafted in the first half of the first round, the higher up they are drafted the more easy they can become a “bust”

2. Has hype coming in, the more hype the more potential to become a “bust

3. Expected to come in and contribute right from the start (some teams draft the player as a “we’ll see” project)

That being said who are the notable “busts” in the that have played at least 3 seasons?

2010: (2) Evan Turner (4) Wesley Johnson (6) Ekpe Udoh (8) Al-Farouq Aminu (11) Cole Aldrich

2009: (2) Hasheem Thabeet (6) Johnny Flynn (8) Jordan Hill (11) Terrence Williams

2008: (2) Michael Beasley (3) OJ Mayo*(only cause the next 5 picks are better than him) (8) Joe Alexander

So who has the potential to be “busts” from this upcoming draft?  Here is the top 14 players projected:

1. Ben Mclemore

2. Nerlens Noel

3. Otto Porter

4. Anthony Bennet

5. Trey Burke

6. Victor Oladipo

7. Shabazz Muhammed

8. CJ McCollum

9. Cody Zeller

10. Alex Len

11. Rudy Gobart

12. Michael Carter-Williams

13. Kelly Olynyk

14. Dario Saric

So who’s the busts?  Honestly this is about as easy as guessing the outcome of how the NFL will end up next year.  First thing you look at is who seems to be busts more?  In this case it’s big guys that seem to bust out more than any other position.  If Nerlens Noel goes in the top 3 he has the most likely chance of busting.  Otto porter and Anthony Bennet I don’t see busting just because of their work ethic and athleticism.  Out of the two point guards I think Michael Carter-Williams has the biggest chance of being a flop and I see Burke having a good career.  Rudy Gobart is a 50/50 bust in my mind where Dario has the best chance of making a good career in the NBA.

The rule of thumb and past history has said that 5-6 players will be good to great players in the league, 3-4 will be rotational or end of the bench and 4-5 will be out of the league before their first contract is over.  Here’s the guess with those odds:

1. Ben Mclemore- Perennial All star but not a super star.

2. Nerlens Noel- BUST *Will be a rotational guy off the bench at best.

3. Otto Porter- All star and solid starter for most of his career

4. Anthony Bennet- Same as Otto

5. Trey Burke- Starter and maybe makes an all star team or two

6. Victor Oladipo- Will be a lot like Evan Turner but going 6th instead of 2nd will deem him as a good pick

7. Shabazz Muhammed- BUST*I don’t see what scouts see in him

8. CJ McCollum- Will start for a couple years but not really make any waves

9. Cody Zeller- Better than his brother and will start on most teams

10. Alex Len- Same as Zeller

11. Rudy Gobart- BUST

12. Michael Carter-Williams- BUST* Not gonna start, guy off bench at best

13. Kelly Olynyk- 50/50 BUST but is smart so will find a way to make a team every year for his career

14. Dario Saric- Stud will surprise and start most of his career.  All-star potential


Who do you think will bust?  Leave your comments below!

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