Mar 18, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward (20) looks to inbound the ball during the second half against the New York Knicks at EnergySolutions Arena. The Knicks won 90-83. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jazz Player Power Rankings (Week of 3/25)

Power rankings have always been something that I’ve enjoyed looking at and it gives me an idea how others view all the teams.  The thought I had was to do it with the players on the Jazz as it seems like they go through ups and downs quite a bit through the course of the season.  I know this season is ending but this is something that will continue from week 1 next season as well.  So without further blabbering here is the first ever Jazz player power rankings:

1. Gordon Hayward- When he is the go-to-guy the Jazz are a much better team.

2. Al Jefferson- If he played defense he would be number 1, really wants to win but not good enough to run the offense solely through him.

3. Derrick Favors- Allowed 21 points in 19 minutes against San Antonio (yes mainly because of his presence inside)

4. Alec Burks- Playing as well as anybody on the Jazz right now

5. Paul Millsap- Should be higher but seems lost or unmotivated as of late, played well against Dallas

6. Enes Kanter- Plays very few minutes but turns in big games still; 17 points in 21 minutes leading the Jazz vs Dallas

7. Marvin Williams- Shooting better and looks like he has a bounce in his step again. Solid defender.

8. Randy Foye- All-time leading Jazz 3 pt shooter in a single season and still a month to play

9. Mo Williams- When he shoots well this team can beat anyone, bad news is he isn’t shooting too well since coming back from surgery

10. DeMarre Carroll- Hasn’t gotten the time as of late but should be a rotational guy with his hustle and work ethic

11. Jeremy Evans- When he gets the time he actually has been playing very well

12. Jamal Tinsley- Best years are way behind him

13. Earl Watson- Seriously can’t believe this guy is in the NBA let alone gets playing time

14. Kevin Murphy- Not enough play time to til if he has what it takes to be in NBA


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Here is a look at Hayward’s season numbers

12-13 UTA 60 15 28.4 0.426 0.407 0.833 0.7 2.4 3.1 2.7 0.7 0.6 1.8 1.7 14.2

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  • Justin

    Here’s my beef. Your rankings are skewed towards minutes played or salary, which is my same criticism of Corbin’s minutes distribution. Kanter and Evans (yes, Evans) should both be top 5, Millsap and Jefferson should be below 6 (both are terrible +/- because of their defense and periodic lack of effort). Carroll and Tinsley should both be higher than Foye and Mo. Tinsley has a great +/-, low TOs, and the Jazz won with him playing. Burks is a star in the making, so is Kanter, and the team plays better every time those two get the ball. Here is my list: 1)Burks 2)Kanter 3)Hayward 4)Favors 5)Evans 6) Carroll 7)Jefferson 8)Marvin 9)Millsap 10)Tinsley 11)Mo 12)Foye 13)Murphy 14)Watson

  • Jake-Trude

    Agree with most of these as I assume +/- is thrown out, as the players getting the most minutes play against better talent; thus tougher to score and defend. Everyone knows that the Mo, Marvin, Foye, and Millsap are bench players, if not some of the better in the league. We also know that some players may not be ‘starter caliber’ but start and play consistent minutes to fit a coaches scheme, or to help balance the skills of the other starters (ie Thabo/OKC, Green/SAS, Kosta/DEN, and Evans/BKN). What bothers me with the Jazz is that Millsap and Jefferson do not balance each other well (Offensive: neither have impressed as much as I expected in regards to interior passing and off-ball movement. Defensive: *insert anything here*). Also, Foye and Mo are too similar on both ends of the court. This makes things simple to game-plane against with rotations and pressure on defense, and the ability to shoot over or attack the paint against either on offense.
    That being said (more expressing my uncertainty of Corbin’s ability to coach and spread out minutes in regards to skill sets and offensive or defensive balance; or that Corbin’s hands are tied by management and Greg Miller), here are my rankings:

    1) Kanter: Yes, I may be reaching here, but most inexperienced/young players are plagued by inconsistent play and Kanter has received the most inconsistent playing time; either playing due to injury, or because we are down 20 again. And what does Kanter do? Produce, every time. Talk about inconsistency for someone who picked it up 6yrs ago.

    2. Burks: No brainer… If you watched the Jazz from an outsiders view, you pray that somehow Burks doesn’t fit in here in SLC. Watch out, he will be the second best SG in the West by the end of next year.

    3. Hayward: If Gordon had command of the locker room, he is easily #1 on this list… (odd to think the 3 Jazz vets who ‘lead’ the team are UFAs this off season, interesting locker room environment I’m sure).

    4. Jefferson: His ability to score on the block opens up the rest of the Jazz offense, though I hope we aren’t paying him $12mil/yr the next 4yrs.

    5. Favors: Unreal defensive player, unsure if he is a PF or C with this group. Struggles with inconsistent play on offense, though should evolve immensely as he becomes a focal point next year.

    6. Millsap: When he plays hard, could easily be best 6th man in NBA with 24min/11pt/6reb/3ast/1blk/2stl per game, but wants starter minutes. Hopefully free agency humbles him, or he can go start for the Bobcats, Wizards or Suns.

    7. Mo: If used correctly and for the right price, he could be one of the better offensive threats coming off the bench.

    8. Marvin: Type of player who could easily start because of ability to defend and shoot 3s, but would end up getting reserve-type minutes.

    9.Carroll: Wonder why the Jazz aren’t giving Carroll minutes? To protect him in free agency so we can bring him back at a lower price.

    10. Foye: Streaky shooter who doesn’t give much to the team other than a deep threat; oh, and he is an excellent teammate and player to have representing your franchise.

    11. Evans: Elite athlete but a tweener. May learn more about him next year as the 2nd big off the bench?

    12-13. Tinsley/Watson: Pretty sure both are playing their last season in the NBA.

    N/A. Murphy: Garbage time minutes do not suffice for a basis to rank Murphy and his talent/skills.

    Just my POV… thoughts?