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Mar 4, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin reacts during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Fans Very Upset Over Corbins Comments

Coach Corbin said these comments before the Pistons game Monday night:
“I tell the guys, ‘You can listen to criticism, but most of the people that’s criticizing don’t have an idea of what you’re going through,'” Corbin said in his pregame media interview. “They probably haven’t never did anything at this level in their life. They can talk. Talk is cheap. We’ve got to go out and do what we’ve got to do.”

Here are what some fans had to say about those comments:

“To me, Coach Corbin comes off as a dumb jock with this statement much less an English major. So you’re telling me coach the critics (i.e. fans) that are millionaires that sit in the lower half of the lower bowl have never faced trials and don’t work hard? These doctors, surgeons don’t know the stress of life saving surgeries? 80-100 hour work weeks? The 6 figure people in the upper half of the lower bowl don’t know hard work? The don’t know the stress of running their own business or the hard work they put in for their success? And the people in the upper bowl don’t know the stress off using all their entertainment dollars to buy season tickets to watch your team play and the hard work they put in each day to put food on the table? We all can’t be world class athletes, and when it comes down to it you get paid to coach a game! I’m sorry coach but people out in the real world do know what you’re going through and it’s much more important than trying to figure out how to get out of a 7 losses in 9 games slump. This team has given us 62 games of observation to know the vets have plateaud, the young guys are more talented and need more time. You want to be a NBA head coach? Put on your big boy pants and block out critics. Did Jerry Sloan ever complain about fan criticism? Nope. How insulting that you thought it was a good idea to put a quote like that in the newspaper. What is wrong with Jazz management this year? The only person willing to accept any responsibility has been Dennis Lindsey. Shame on you Coach Corbin.” – Fan #1

“What a joke!? He gets so upset any time anybody gives him any criticism about his lineups.  He fires back at the media any time they question him and his decisions.  Fans are upset when he doesn’t have Favors in at the end of the game when we need a defensive stop, seems logical.  Fans are upset that we start games slow and get behind just so the young guys have to bring us back only to be taken out at the end of the game by the same players that got the Jazz in a hole in the first place?? Also seems logical.  He’s the coach but I don’t know any one fan that would play the same guys he does when guys that are younger more athletic have shown they give us a better chance to win.  Corbin is the one that doesn’t get it.  The Jazz would have 8-10 more wins right now if Corbin had any idea what he was doing.  I get it, he’s young and learning but his common sense is where he is lacking.  Next!” – Fan # 2

“I understand he is trying to get his team in the right mind set, but saying the fans don’t know anything is ridiculous!  We should be a playoff team with the guys we have but we are playing guys  the majority of minutes that don’t play team ball.  Last night when Kanter, Evans, Burks, Hayward and Marvin were in there the ball moved around and we got a big lead, then he puts in Al (because Kanter apparently can’t handle more than 8 minutes and must have been doing awful) and the ball stops and the Pistons come back.  I know we won but why change something if it is working?  If we waste any money on bringing back Al or Sap I’m gonna take the stance that management doesn’t want to compete with the best.  This year has been the most frustrating year cause we are better than this but Corbin has halted anything we could have done with his lack of confidence in the young guys and his over confidence in the so called vets.” – Fan #3

The fans have shot back- Care to keep playing this game Tyrone?  Fans are why this game gets the attention it does and why players and coaches get the money they do.  Be careful when walking this line when the ones who indirectly pay your salary are not happy.


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