Utah Jazz: Celtics' Rajon Rondo to the Jazz for Millsap, Jefferson?

Rondo to the Jazz for Millsap, Jefferson?

Posted by Broox Anderson

RICHFIELD, UT — 7:50 a.m. — Oh, baby! The lockout hasn’t even officially ended yet, and trade rumors are blossoming all over the sports world! The latest tremor concerning the Jazz has pinned power forward Paul Millsap and center Al Jefferson on the trade block, with their trade counterparts ranging from Indiana’s Danny Granger to Boston’s Rajon Rondo.

According to multiple sources (exclusive thanks to www.IamaGM.com), the Jazz have already begun efforts to ship off their two most efficient players. A recent article by Mike Wells of the Indiana Star explained that:

“The Pacers talked to the Utah Jazz about forward Paul Milsap prior to the draft. Expect them to make a phone call to the Jazz again. The 26-year-old Milsap, a Pacer killer in the past, averaged a career-high 17 points last season.

The Pacers can make this deal happen because they’ll have salary cap space and they won’t hesitate to give up a draft pick to get a player that will help solve their power forward problems.”

If the Jazz chose a trade route via the Pacers, we would likely see a combination of players like Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush, and Tyler Hansbrough. Granger is the obvious choice for Jazz fans, but receiving a package deal of, say, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush, and draft picks would far exceed the long term worth of Granger alone.

From another source, there has been a development concerning the Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo and the Utah Jazz’s Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. Chris Broussard of ESPN.com has stated:

League executives say the Utah Jazz’s excitement over young big men Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors has them shopping Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap … While Boston is not shopping Rajon Rondo, it would be open to trading him in the right deal, sources say. The Celtics feel they need more scoring to take the load off of Paul Pierce.

Now that’s an eyebrow raiser.

Is it even possible to picture Rondo playing in a snazzy, blue Utah uniform? Can we even justify imagining Rondo leading the break with Derrick Favors down low, Hayward and Miles on the wing, and Kanter in the middle to clean up with finesse at the rim?

It’s definitely risky, but not in the most unreasonable way.

Utah has a rich history of stellar point guards, and has a mentality to fulfill that role once again. Rajon Rondo is an unbeatable choice, and I would be utterly enthralled to witness him drive, dish, steal, score, and slam in a Jazz uniform.

As always, stay tuned to Purple and Blues for more breaking news, trade rumors, the latest on the NBA, and all things Utah Jazz!

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