Utah Jazz: Top Ten Jazz Players, No. 7 Derrick Favors

No. 7

Derrick Favors - 5.56

Ahhh (contented sigh)… sit back, relax, and watch the future of Utah’s franchise work himself into the player they traded a top-five point guard for.

Being just 19 years old, Favors averaged 6.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and nearly a block per game in his rookie debut.

“Did you hear?” One of my friends inquires of me as we pass in the halls.

“No. Hear what?”

“Deron Williams is gone!” He proclaims.

“What do you mean D-Will is gone!?” I ask.

“The Jazz traded him to the Nets!”

“For who?”

“Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. Just saw it on ESPN. Trade’s not finalized yet, but the word is out.”

“No way.” I say in disbelief.

But, yes. The trade would become finalized.

It would also become a major part of the Utah Jazz’s identity in 2010-11.

Alongside the Jerry Sloan/Phil Johnson resignation, it would define the team and serve as a turning point for–in all honesty–the immediate worst.

The statement, “…only third time in the last 23 years Jazz have missed the playoffs,” just keeps echoing, and echoing, and echoing deep in my subconscious.

What a bleak statistic; a depressing thought.

I have to give due credit, though, to Kevin O’Connor and Greg Miller for looking at the current state of the league and taking action to save the Jazz’s future.

Derrick Favors is that future.

Hopefully MVP Karl Malone gets back in the basketball business by taking the young Favors under his wing and showing him the NBA ropes.

I can’t wait to witness the greatness that Derrick Favors will exude in his sophomore season. I can’t wait for the Jazz to regain an identity solely on his marquee form.

Oh, wait–he’s only 19 years old.

How long will it take for Derrick to develop? Are my hopes of his stardom set too high?

In the meantime, check out this video of Favors’ stellar highlights with the Jazz:

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