Utah Jazz: What Was Said Between Deron And Monta?

With all the hoopla surrounding Jeremy Evans, I didn’t put up an Add A Caption Contest yet today. So I figured, why not now?

If you saw the game between the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors last night, you definitely remember the excessive jawing that went on between Deron Williams and Monta Ellis in the second half. Since we could not hear what was actually being said during the back-and-forth exchange between the two talented guards, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to find out what YOU think was said.

Below is a picture of D-Will and Monta going at it verbally. You can either say what is going on in the picture itself, or you can give an entire description of everything that was said between Monta Ellis and Deron Williams. As always, try to be as funny as possible and don’t hold back! The winner will be named on Twitter (search#AACC), so don’t forget to leave your Twitter username in the response if you have one. Good luck!

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  • Samuel Calvo

    They were fighting over whose the best sports blogger around. D-Will was trying to tell Ellis that Lee Tawil is the best blogger out there but Monta Ellis wasn’t having any of that.

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  • Mike Manos

    Monta Ellis handed D-Will a black sharpie and told him he missed a spot while drawing his hair on this morning. Deron responded by scoring 30.

  • tom

    Monta got a bout of little man’s syndrome when Deron thumped him with a good hard foul and prevented the little man from making a layup. Deron schooled him and dropped 30 on Monta and the Warriors. That in itself was enough to piss off the little man.

  • Larry

    Monta was telling D-Will about all the places that he sports tats and D-Will was thinking that there are certain places where a tat should never go.