Utah cannot let Boozer go

Utah Jazz: Don’t Let Boozer Go!

With free agency “heating up” and well under way, Carlos Boozer’s name has been thrown around an awful lot. Of course, the possibility of Boozer leaving Utah has been a hot topic for quite some time, but right now when everything is a no-holds-barred free-for-all, his possible departure is hitting me harder than ever before. Sure I have heard things like, “Boozer’s gonna be gone after this year,” or, “Yeah, I hear the Heat are interested in Boozer,” for a while now, but the actuality of it happening has never been so real and so close. At any given moment, Carlos Boozer can jump on board with another team, and the Jazz will be left trying to figure out how they are going to replace him.

For me, personally, I see Boozer as the beating heart of this Utah Jazz team. His energy and passion, which can be heard all around the world during Jazz games, is second to none, and I am not so sure that it can be replaced so easily. And not only that, but his numbers are also valuable, as he is a consistent double-double, night in and night out. Boozer’s ability to finish near the basket with either hand and his ability to knock down the mid-range jumper causes defenses headaches, and it makes the job of Deron Williams much easier than most people realize.

A huge reason why I don’t want to see Boozer leave now is because of the way he ended off with the Jazz. Watching Boozer struggle down the stretch against the Lakers in the playoffs was really hard for me, as Boozer has truly become a guy that I love to root for. How can you not? You see how much this guy wants to win, and he is willing to leave it all out on the floor for the goodness of the team. When you see a player like him trying so hard, yet still falling short, you can’t help but feel bad. The emotions that he feels are so easy to read, and when he is down, I am down. On the other hand, when he is charged up and doing the things he does best, there is nobody better to root for.

In my honest opinion, I believe that the Jazz need to do everything in their power to lure Carlos Boozer back to Utah. Between his character and emotional leadership in the locker room, and his on-court production, there is nobody realistically available that the Jazz can acquire right now that can make up for his loss. He is truly the Malone to D-Will’s Stockton, and I believe that Jerry Sloan is well aware of that. Sure the Jazz have an uncanny ability to find players to fill roles, but when it comes to a piece like Carlos Boozer, there is only so much you can do. Without Boozer, what do the Jazz really have as a team? Can Batman actually be Batman if he doesn’t have Robin? (or vice versa. Whatever you prefer.)

I think not. And if the Jazz do eventually lose Carlos Boozer to free agency, I think everybody will see it too.

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  • Devon

    I think Boozer NEEDS to go…the fact that he got outplayed by Milsap against the lakers is one reason….and you say he is an emotional leader, but he really isn’t! Yeah he yells and screams on the court, but he has NO leadership skills. I’ve questioned him and Derron on their leadership skills, but D-will stepped up this year and Boozer did not. I love Boozer, but he does NOT deserve max money and Milsap is more than ready to start and be a star in this league.

    Let boozer walk or our best bet is a sign and trade with Orlando for Gortat, Bass and Reddick or Vince or Peitrus.

    Boozer is not the answer for the jazz….yeah he puts up big numbers but he is only on the court 1/3 of the time where as Milsap has been in more than %95 of his games and his stats are amazing as a reserve…once he gets Boozers minutes he’ll put up Boozer numbers.

    Let Boozer go.

    • http://www.PurpleandBlues.com Lee Tawil

      I can understand why you would think that Millsap can fill in for Boozer without a problem. However, what you don’t realize is that Millsap is only as effective as he is because of the role he plays. If he became a full-time starter, his numbers would begin to become more average, and you would see that Boozer truly is the better starter of the two.
      In my opinion, when both of those guys are on the court at the same time, the Jazz are at their best.