Utah Jazz: Draft Talk (Part 2 Of More To Come)

If you missed part 1, you can CLICK HERE to get filled in.

For those of you who might not understand what this is, and based on some responses I could see that some of you don’t, I am going through guys in the upcoming draft that I think would fit well with the Utah Jazz. Some guys might be unrealistic for the Jazz to get at number 9, but the point is to talk about player types that I think would benefit the Jazz. For instance, I am not going to name John Wall or Evan Turner because I don’t think that they fill a pressing need on the team. Sure, those guys are very talented, but they will not address the Jazz’s key concern, which, in my opinion, is length.

So, moving on, here are a few more players that I like for the Jazz…

Hassan Whiteside (7”0 C, Marshall)

Hassan Whiteside is still a project that needs a lot of work and development if he really wants to be considered a big time NBA player. I do, though, believe that is well within the realm of possibility for this kid. Standing at 7-feet tall and boasting very impressive athletic prowess, Hassan Whiteside could be just the type of guy that could push the Jazz over the edge in the Western Conference. Obviously, that would not happen instantly, but with the proper dedication and development, it could happen sooner than most people think. If Whiteside got to play with a guy like Deron Williams on a regular basis, I think it would boost his on-court confidence, as Williams would set him up for a lot of easy baskets. That could speed his growth process tremendously, and it could have him contributing a lot to the team even as a rookie. If he could just work on his upper body strength and his free throw shooting (under 40%), this guy could be the real deal. Come to think of it, his atrocious free throw shooting would fit just perfectly on the Jazz roster. Sign him up.

Ed Davis (6”10 PF, North Carolina)

Ed Davis would be a wonderful fit for the Utah Jazz in my opinion for a few reasons. First of all, he has the length that they so desperately need from their bigs. Also, he has the athleticism that is extremely important to have in today’s game. Finally, and most importantly in my opinion, Ed Davis is a hard-worker who has the exact attitude that Jerry Sloan demands from all of his players. When you look at Utah’s roster right now, it is filled with hard-working guys who never put themselves before the team. They might not be the most talented group of players, but because they work harder than most teams, you will see them having successful seasons year in and year out. If you want proof of Davis’ hard-working attitude, you need not look any farther than his willingness to rebound with the biggest and baddest. His desire to contribute to his team is probably his best asset, and that is the type of thing that can truly pay dividends in the NBA, especially playing under a coach like Jerry Sloan. If it hasn’t already been spelled out, Ed Davis would fit like a glove in Utah.

Ekpe Udoh (6”10 PF, Baylor)

Unlike the guys I have already mentioned, Ekpe Udoh doesn’t have much of an offensive game. However, his ability to defend might still be worth a pick at number 9. Not only is Udoh very gifted athletically, but he is incredibly smart as a defender, which led to plenty of blocks throughout his collegiate career. In fact, he was such a feared shot-blocker that Udoh earned the nickname “The Nightmare,” as he averaged nearly 4 blocks per contest in his junior season. It is also worth mentioning that Udoh has shown that he is willing to improve his game, so that he can become a more well-rounded player. If his development in the NBA is anywhere near his development over his time in college, Udoh can be a very strong piece for any solid basketball team. Now, don’t get me wrong, Udoh is definitely not on the top of my list right now, but he is someone that can be intriguing because of his potential growth down the line.

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